Wow! This online thing really worked!

Wow! This online thing really worked! I was a little doubtful that this sort of thing could really work. After all, I figured all the success stories were made up just to get more people to join. I have to now say that my thinking was wrong. Who would've thought it? Mr. Texas (as my online friend became known as around my house) contacted me on LDSMingle through sparks. He sent a lot of sparks. I answered them and to my surprise he kept sending more. So, I kept answering until he finally got approved to send emails to me. That didn't last long, as our phone numbers were quickly exchanged and we began talking on the phone regularly. Needless to say, we eventually met in person (he lived in TX, me in UT) and the real sparks began. We got engaged right away. Now who woulda thought that one? Not even a week later he came back to town because we had so much fun together and decided that we ought to just take the plunge. We set a date (the next day) and headed to the court house. We have been happily married ever since. So, thank you Mingle for helping to bring my sweetheart (aahh) to me.


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