She has brought such joy to my life that I never thought was possible or imaginable.

I have been dating left & right for years with no real success. I have run into just about every scenario you could probably imagine. I was getting worried that things would never work out for me & what I wanted in life. I have had my heart broken & shattered so many times but I just always knew what I wanted in my life & just kept pushing on. Then after being advised by several family members & friends I finally submitted & went online. I then found this site & decided to take a chance. I chatted & browsed every so often. Then finally in May of 2011 I meet a girl that was willing give me a chance. She lived in Arkansas & I lived in Utah. We were both just coming off bad relationships & we both just wanted to be careful about our new association. We started chatting when we had time & work would allow us. It started out really nice, slow, honest, & comfortable. We got along well & also just loved to give each other a good laugh. Then by the time August of 2011 came I asked if I could have here phone number & she said “Yes.” We were still both a little hesitant of each other but we both thought of giving each other a chance. We would talk to each other when we could, but what really helped us was that we both really loved to text a lot. We loved talking about everything from football to music to conference talks. We just all out began to enjoy each other company. When October rolled around I asked if she would like me to come see her in Arkansas in December; she said “Yes.” December came fast & next thing I know was staying with her Bishop & seeing her every day for four days. We had what I call thee most blissful time of my life. I wanted to propose to her right there & then, but something inside of me said that I need to ponder, fast, & pray about it. So I went home & did just that for two months. I then returned to her & on February 11th I proposed to her on the shores of the Ozarks; & she said “Yes.” We are now planning & executing for our Wedding at the Manti Temple in May of 2012 & I can with all honesty say that I have never been happier in my life. She has brought such joy to my life that I never thought was possible or imaginable. I will do everything in my power to help her feel joy in our lives together. I would also like to express my gratitude to both this site & my Lord, Jesus Christ, for bringing us together to live our dream.


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