I felt like he knew me better than anyone else by pure instinct.

The love story of tegalto & duschin:

On April 22nd, 2011, I received an instant message request from duschin.
Whenever I got a chat request on LDSMingle, I would scan the guy's
profile before accepting, look at his photos and some key details I was
looking for in an eternal companion. What I saw on duschin's profile
broke my heart - he had recently lost his wife, and was very lonely. At
the time I didn't see it going anywhere, especially with me living in
Phoenix and him living in Las Vegas, but I figured the least I could do
was accept his chat request. We ended up hitting it off and immediately
found a lot in common. Ultimately I left our chat that night just glad I
was able to bring a little ray of sunshine to someone who truly needed

After that night I'd receive a chat request from duschin every other day
or so, and we quickly developed a close friendship. I felt like he knew
me better than anyone else by pure instinct. We were so similar it was
almost scary sometimes! After instant messaging each other for about
three weeks, duschin had plans to come out to Phoenix to visit family
for the weekend, and asked, "So, you want to see how cool I am in
person?" We met for lunch that Saturday, and ended up walking around the
same square block about a dozen times, just talking. Before we knew it,
five hours had passed, and he had to leave to meet family for dinner. I
don't think I fully appreciated the significance of this first meeting
until later that night when he couldn't wait to message me again, and we
were both genuinely excited to figure out how to meet up again. After
that, we started messaging each other every day, and just three days
after our first date, we decided that we were going to try doing
whatever we could to make us work. Even that early on we began our first
musings about eventually marrying each other.

Duschin made plans to come down to Phoenix again the very next weekend,
just to spend it with me. I had never even had a boyfriend before, so at
just one month shy of turning 24, I enjoyed having my hand held for the
first time, as well as my first kiss. I, being a teacher, found a nice
LDS family to stay with in Las Vegas for my upcoming summer vacation. We
saw each other every day that summer - breakfast, lunch, and dinner for
eight weeks. Best summer ever! We settled into a routine of taking
turns to visit each other every weekend, and the gas was well worth
every penny.

On October 30th while visiting my oldest sister in California, duschin
took me to a park bench with a view of Santa Monica Pier at sunrise. He
told me that he was so glad that I came into his life, that I was the
reason he was able to be truly happy again, and that he could never
fully repay me for that, but he would try every single day to show me
how much I mean to him, forever and ever. Then he got down on one knee
and pulled a ring box out of his pocket, and asked me to marry him. Of
course I said yes!

Duschin and I were sealed for time and all eternity on March 17th 2012,
in the Mesa, Arizona temple. On each of our the tables at our wedding reception, we had books of compiled highlights from our LDSMingle chat transcripts. They were a hit! Everyone was talking about them, and many of our guests were glued to them the whole time!

Well, I still had to stick around in Phoenix for
the end of the school year, and as I write this, am currently just a few
weeks shy of being able to move out to Las Vegas for good. Duschin and I are so
happy together, and can't wait to be able to finally live together and start a

Thank you, LDSMingle, for providing the vehicle for meeting my soul mate!


tegalto & duschin

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