I could not have found the greatest woman in the world without you.

I believe that the color code personality test was crucial to finding the perfect woman, which I did, right here on mingle. I found some other nice women too, and had a very satisfying group of friends to choose from. I also liked the instant messaging feature.

My fiance and I started off as friends and I didn't expect it to go beyond that at first because she was in the middle of her bachelors program at the U. So I focused elsewhere for some months. I got serious with another woman I found here, but that ended when we realized that neither of us could move. While I continued looking around, I maintained my friendship with the woman I eventually married, which allowed me to take the time to get to know her intellectually and logically, before allowing emotions to take over. I observed her behavior over several months and saw that she was consistently rational, unassuming, accepting, warm, charitable, and benevolent. In short, I found that she was day in day out an exemplary daughter of God, everything the Brethren have said that women are, and everything I have been missing in all of the romantic relationships I've ever had before she and I decided to get serious about each other.

I found her here. Mingle is my number one recommendation to any other single members. Thank you for your services. I could not have found the greatest woman in the world without you.


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