Success Stories: 2012

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I can't wait to be with him forever!

My first week as a full member of mingle, I started going to chat. Immediately I noticed FlyFishRiver. He was funny and we seemed to have several things in common. I emailed him that week and we started a thread back and forth. That led to some IM conversations and texting. Within a few weeks we started talking on the phone. About 4 weeks after meeting him online, we decided to meet in person. I went to MT for my birthday. It was scary but I am so glad we took that step. There was chemistry and a comfort level I have never shared with anyone else before. That led to many weekends going back and forth. We are getting married in June and I can't wait for the big day! Thank you mingle for introducing me to the most amazing man I have ever known! I can't wait to be with him forever!

happygal11 & FlyFishRiver

Wow! This online thing really worked!

Wow! This online thing really worked! I was a little doubtful that this sort of thing could really work. After all, I figured all the success stories were made up just to get more people to join. I have to now say that my thinking was wrong. Who would've thought it? Mr. Texas (as my online friend became known as around my house) contacted me on LDSMingle through sparks. He sent a lot of sparks. I answered them and to my surprise he kept sending more. So, I kept answering until he finally got approved to send emails to me. That didn't last long, as our phone numbers were quickly exchanged and we began talking on the phone regularly. Needless to say, we eventually met in person (he lived in TX, me in UT) and the real sparks began. We got engaged right away. Now who woulda thought that one? Not even a week later he came back to town because we had so much fun together and decided that we ought to just take the plunge. We set a date (the next day) and headed to the court house. We have been happily married ever since. So, thank you Mingle for helping to bring my sweetheart (aahh) to me.


I'm in love with him.

I was here for 3 years and a 66 man send me a flirt, I answered him and we talked for 6 months and today he gave me a ring!!!! I'm in love with him. :) Thank you this web-site, it is the best to find good people!!! Thank you again. :)


She has brought such joy to my life that I never thought was possible or imaginable.

I have been dating left & right for years with no real success. I have run into just about every scenario you could probably imagine. I was getting worried that things would never work out for me & what I wanted in life. I have had my heart broken & shattered so many times but I just always knew what I wanted in my life & just kept pushing on. Then after being advised by several family members & friends I finally submitted & went online. I then found this site & decided to take a chance. I chatted & browsed every so often. Then finally in May of 2011 I meet a girl that was willing give me a chance. She lived in Arkansas & I lived in Utah. We were both just coming off bad relationships & we both just wanted to be careful about our new association. We started chatting when we had time & work would allow us. It started out really nice, slow, honest, & comfortable. We got along well & also just loved to give each other a good laugh. Then by the time August of 2011 came I asked if I could have here phone number & she said “Yes.” We were still both a little hesitant of each other but we both thought of giving each other a chance. We would talk to each other when we could, but what really helped us was that we both really loved to text a lot. We loved talking about everything from football to music to conference talks. We just all out began to enjoy each other company. When October rolled around I asked if she would like me to come see her in Arkansas in December; she said “Yes.” December came fast & next thing I know was staying with her Bishop & seeing her every day for four days. We had what I call thee most blissful time of my life. I wanted to propose to her right there & then, but something inside of me said that I need to ponder, fast, & pray about it. So I went home & did just that for two months. I then returned to her & on February 11th I proposed to her on the shores of the Ozarks; & she said “Yes.” We are now planning & executing for our Wedding at the Manti Temple in May of 2012 & I can with all honesty say that I have never been happier in my life. She has brought such joy to my life that I never thought was possible or imaginable. I will do everything in my power to help her feel joy in our lives together. I would also like to express my gratitude to both this site & my Lord, Jesus Christ, for bringing us together to live our dream.


Thank-you so much for helping me find the love of my life and my eternal companion.

My fiancee, Jumlie, and I, Midmissouriman were a match on your site. In May 2011, I sent her a smile and she responded back in a very friendly and courteous way, which I was impressed with. We started e-mailing, then calling each other, then skyping. Then because of the distance because we lived in seperate countries, we finally met in person in December 2011 since she moved back to Missouri. We dated for several weeks and really hit it off in person. At the end of January 2012, I proposed to her and THANKFULLY she said yes! We are getting married in the temple in July 2012. All of this happened thanks to you at LDS Mingle. Thank-you so much for helping me find the love of my life and my eternal companion.

Midmissouriman & Jumlie

I could not have found the greatest woman in the world without you.

I believe that the color code personality test was crucial to finding the perfect woman, which I did, right here on mingle. I found some other nice women too, and had a very satisfying group of friends to choose from. I also liked the instant messaging feature.

My fiance and I started off as friends and I didn't expect it to go beyond that at first because she was in the middle of her bachelors program at the U. So I focused elsewhere for some months. I got serious with another woman I found here, but that ended when we realized that neither of us could move. While I continued looking around, I maintained my friendship with the woman I eventually married, which allowed me to take the time to get to know her intellectually and logically, before allowing emotions to take over. I observed her behavior over several months and saw that she was consistently rational, unassuming, accepting, warm, charitable, and benevolent. In short, I found that she was day in day out an exemplary daughter of God, everything the Brethren have said that women are, and everything I have been missing in all of the romantic relationships I've ever had before she and I decided to get serious about each other.

I found her here. Mingle is my number one recommendation to any other single members. Thank you for your services. I could not have found the greatest woman in the world without you.


She was everything I was looking for and more!!

Met her within a month of being on the Mingle! The instant messaging was pretty cool and we got past the creepy test so we could exchange numbers! She was everything I was looking for and more!! Even though she was in Utah I got to meet the woman of my dreams!!! Never would have happened without the mingle!!!!


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