We are now an eternal family.

I found this site a long time ago in 2003. I registered, but I didn't check in that much because I wasn't a subscribed member and so I couldn't chat. I used this site for a few months or one year and then I left on a mission and when I was back from my mission in 2008, I started to check this site again. I saw that a boy started to send me a few messages and I decided to answer him back. We started to talk online almost every day. He was from the U.S.A. and I was from Romania. After 1 year he decided that he wanted to meet me, but it was too expensive to take a flight into my country. We didn t stop talking. Michael said that he liked me so after a few months on December 2009 he asked me if I wanted to marry him even though we didn t meet in person. Michael bought the wedding set and a bride dress and the next year he came into my country to see me and to see if we have the same feelings. After just a few days in Romania, he decided that he wanted to marry me, so we started to file the wedding paper because I am an Romanian girl. We had to marry first civily, then religiously, then in May '2010, we married in the Madrid Temple and now we are an eternal family.

Michael and Codruta


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