My very last first date...

I Have always believed that everything happens for a reason. I remember when I had days when I had almost given up on love. The reason why I decided not to date takers anymore in the last 3 years was because I remember that I was waiting to be found or discovered by the predestined, The ONE for me. There were days and years where I honestly and truly believed that whoever she is, she was out there looking for me too, and she was going to be worth the wait. Like many of you I had my days when I thought that, sure, there are plenty of people out there that I could marry just any other compatible, responsible caring woman, and be happy and married. But then I thought that that just sounded like a really boring way to spend the rest of my life and eternity. There were definitely years where I really wanted and hoped to meet my One so that all this waiting would make any sense and be worth it, and I just couldn't find anyone that felt like "home" for the past 20 years of my life. And if I really could be happy with just anyone, and my mate is just a matter of choosing to get along with a person, then why should I get married for eternity in the Lord's House? I'm a man who follows the Lord. I love him dearly and embrace him as my beloved Father in Heaven. 1 year ago I made a secret covenant with him. I realized I have made some poor choices in the past and even though I know myself, I know what I want and have been looking for in a companion. I realized no one really knows me better than him. So I asked him in humble prayer to please find and choose her for me. I trust his judgment and I clearly remember asking him that this time: "I'd rather have you pick her for me, and I'll be patient", and in return I will live an exceptional life of service and devotion to him, starting by making his will my own. "Ask and you shall receive" my prayer was answered in less than a year after. Not only was I blessed with what I wanted and needed, but she has exceeded all my expectations and we're now together and we are currently working to be married and sealed for the Eternities. I love you Diana, my best friend, my love, my One!


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