Success Stories: 2011

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I never really thought I would find someone that I clicked so much with online!

My story is like so many others on this site. I joined LDS Mingle last June. I'd been divorced for almost six years, was not having much success dating and, after some serious prompting by my bishop, had decided to give online dating a shot. I joined another site and LDS Mingle to try and find that certain someone I could share the eternities with. I have always been very skeptical about online dating and have met some interesting people and had some not so wonderful experiences. It’s very hard to find someone that has the same ideals and standards. I never really thought I would find someone that I clicked so much with online!

On July 18, I was matched with Chris (givingitashot). I liked his choice of name, he looked kind of cute and after reading his profile, I sent him a smile. He quickly emailed me back. We only sent a couple of emails back and forth and had one IM chat before we exchanged numbers to text each other. We haven’t stopped texting since. We went on our first date July 23, 2011. Without a doubt, this has been the best five and a half months of my life. We have the best time together and I have never laughed so much with someone in my life! On December 31, 2011 in front of the Christus statue on Temple Square, Chris proposed to me. We will be married this June! Even though Chris only lives a couple towns away, I would never have had an occasion to meet him without LDS Mingle. We are so happy to have found each other! I love him more than anything and can’t wait to be married to him!

Thank you so much for the services that you provide!

Brooke (burbug7) & Chris (givingitashot)

burbug7 & givingitashot

What more could I ask for?

Well we met in on the site in late August of 2010. I was tonyskis and she
was tweedlebug. I later found out that a tweedlebug was a thing from Sesame
Street. After I messaged her once she wrote back right away. So then I
wrote her another time.....and waited. She didn't write back again until I
pestered her a little bit. She said she liked the Brian Regan quote I had
on my page. Well we called each other and met up on Labor Day weekend. We
sat together in church and later we went for a hike. Well that was it for
me. I was sold. A girl taking a guy out on a hike. What more could I ask
for? Well we endured a long distance relationship for a while and finally
in June 2011, I proposed...after rescuing her from pirates and whisking her
to safety in a canoe. Its pretty hard to kneel down in a canoe I'll have
you know. We were married on November 22, 2011 in the Manti, UT Temple.
It was beautiful and we're loving married life! Thank you so much for
helping bring us together!

Forever grateful,

Tonyskis & Tweedlebug

Tonyskis & Tweedlebug

I just woke up one morning and there she was - in my inbox

I just woke up one morning and there she was - in my inbox :-)

I was about to give up on the whole online thing when I check my matches from my phone one last time - I'm real glad that I did. We started by emailing each other then instant messaging. Shortly thereafter we began texting and then talking. After a few several weeks, we decided to meet - wow. I mean, WOW! :-) I've never been in a relationship that has been so effortless - we've really connected. Gospel, general interests, conversation, cooking & food, movies, children, music - you name it, we seem to be on the same page.

I am excited to share my life with this amazing woman.




I would have never found my dear husband 4000 miles away without your help.

It has been nine years since I got a one month membership on LDS Mingle. After one month, my future husband wrote me two sentences and the rest is history. This year will be our eighth year celebrating Christmas together, and we will celebrate our eighth wedding aniversary in just a few months.

I had attended Singles Wards for years with out any dates! Thanks to LDS Mingle I was able to find a super guy without getting stuck with yet another "friend".

I recommend your service to all of our single friends, family and even returning missionaries. ;)

Thanks a bunch!! I would have never found my dear husband 4000 miles away without your help.


We are now an eternal family.

I found this site a long time ago in 2003. I registered, but I didn't check in that much because I wasn't a subscribed member and so I couldn't chat. I used this site for a few months or one year and then I left on a mission and when I was back from my mission in 2008, I started to check this site again. I saw that a boy started to send me a few messages and I decided to answer him back. We started to talk online almost every day. He was from the U.S.A. and I was from Romania. After 1 year he decided that he wanted to meet me, but it was too expensive to take a flight into my country. We didn t stop talking. Michael said that he liked me so after a few months on December 2009 he asked me if I wanted to marry him even though we didn t meet in person. Michael bought the wedding set and a bride dress and the next year he came into my country to see me and to see if we have the same feelings. After just a few days in Romania, he decided that he wanted to marry me, so we started to file the wedding paper because I am an Romanian girl. We had to marry first civily, then religiously, then in May '2010, we married in the Madrid Temple and now we are an eternal family.

Michael and Codruta


It just took one click and a subscription.

Daniel37 sent me a smile one day. My roommate and I looked at his profile and figured why not send him one back? He was tall, dark and handsome...every girl’s dream (well mine at least!!) I figured he would send me a message but 5 smiles later, nothing!!! The last smile said if you want to chat send me a message. So what did I do? I sent him a message that said “Hi”. I found out later that he didn’t pay until I sent him that message. Yep, he had to pay for a message that said hi. ha ha :) We emailed back and forth a few times and talked on a phone a couple of times. The only problem was he lived 2 states away. He asked what we were going to do next and the next thing I know he bought an airplane ticket to Utah!! On our first date we went to a cupcake shop and chatted all evening. The next day we spent the whole day together and then he had to go home :( I talked him into coming out 2 weeks later to see Brad Paisley with
me. It wasn’t too hard to convince him since I knew he was into me (what can I say, he liked what he saw). I bought an airplane ticket to California to spend Harry Potter weekend together. Since then we have seen each other every other weekend and skyped everyday. After 4 months of going back and forth we decided that we wanted to be with each other for eternity and will be married at the end of the year!! Whoot whoot!! Thanks ldsmingle. We never would have found each other any other way. It just took one click and $30.00. Totally worth it!!

daniel37 & shamoa6

We knew instantly this was the real deal.

We met on LDS mingle and we knew instantly this was the real deal. We are now engaged and planning to be married in the very near future. It is so refreshing to be with a man who loves the gospel and treats me with dignity and respect. I am so excited for what the future holds.


We are planning being married in the temple in November.

I was sent a new match alert it my email with Adams profile. I sent him a smile and he responed with a question only someone could ask that knew the area I lived in... we chatted and I soon found out he went to school just down the road from where I grew up and that our families had known each other from church. We met 3 weeks later after many emails, IM's and text messages. We are planning being married in the temple in November.


We found each other again because of LDSMingles.

I met rainy_day on here and we are now talking three times a day. We first met in 1988 at the return of my mission, but she was too young to date and I left for the military. Now, 20 plus years later we found each other again because of LDSMingles. Thanks LDS Mingle!

drintx & rainy_day

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