You could say this is a storybook ending...

You could say this is a storybook ending, starting with a simple "match" profile from LDS Mingle.
Her Story: I had been on LDS Mingle for a while without finding the special one that I was looking for, even though I had met several nice Priesthood holders. Then one day one of those e-mails came to my in box that I had a match. I was thinking, "not another disappointment," and I almost deleted it, but I had this feeling that I needed to view it. After reading his profile, I felt that this man was special, but maybe he would not be interested in me since I was older. To my surprise, I got an e-mail from him just six days later. I gladly answered it and we sent just a couple of e-mails until we talked on the phone. It did not take long that I felt he could be the one. I sent him a romantic song and he returned one to me. Within a day or so, he called and asked me to fly out to see him.

His Story: Well, I was quite intrigued by the quality of details in her profile, which seemed to meet my hopes for an ideal companion. After only one email exchange, and a delightful "IM", we spoke on the telephone for about two hours. My heart was just getting those strange feelings, and so I knew that I had to meet her. So, we met just nine days later at the Portland Airport, and it was really love at first sight for both of us! She was more beautiful than any photo! From that first encounter to the next day, we became inseparable. I proposed the next day, and she accepted! We are now fully promised to each other and expecting to be sealed in the Washington DC temple in May. We both believe that we were matched up in heaven, and prepared for a lifetime. Thanks, LDS Mingle, you made this all possible!

....KissMeAlways and jimfloyd

KissMeAlways & jimfloyd

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