We're so excited...we're getting married.

Her Side of the Love Story:

I signed up for LDSMingle at the insistence of a friend. I was already part of three other dating websites. I paid for one month, had mild success, then left for a trip. I was involved in a bad relationship previously and wasn't really interested in dating or anything serious. I sent some smiles on LDS Mingle since I couldn't afford a membership, then got an e-mail from someone I was interested in. I finally made the decision to pay for another month to read his email. It was lame, but I decided to take advantage of the month and use the IM, I talked to several guys. Then one day Inkryptoguy started chatting with me while I was chatting with some other guys. He was fun to talk to and I was so glad to talk to a normal person when he was online! We laughed a lot. Then the next day I couldn’t get online and I was surprised to see an e-mail from him saying he missed me. We started chatting more frequently and my desire to have a relationship started returning. I started talking to him more and others less. I found myself getting excited everyday to talk to him and when he said he wanted to meet I was way excited. It just felt like we clicked. We had no problems talking to each other. It felt good to get to know him before meeting him. I always wanted to meet a guy with the kind of values he had. I loved coming up with excuses to see him like having breakfast after I got off work and before he got to work. Since we lived far apart, but both worked in Salt Lake City, texting each other was always fun and we found ourselves wanting to spend more time with each other each day. Now I’m so excited we are getting married!!!!

His Side of the Love Story:

I was browsing for people online one day to chat with, when I saw a picture of SoldierMedic51. It was kind of a distant shot so I was somewhat hesitant to click her profile and start chatting, but I'm so glad I took the chance. We started up a conversation immediately and we were both laughing soon after the initial contact. I am recently divorced and so I was just looking to make friends at first, but Rebecca came to my rescue and saved me from single life. I am a single father, with full custody of my daughter and Rebecca has been a dream come true and has been a blessing to both of us. We are grateful to have her in our lives. Our first date was at the Gateway in SLC, UT. I remember being so nervous that when I saw her I about lost my breath. One of my fondest memories was ice skating and later eating breakfast together in my car before work. She would get breakfast burritos from Betos and we would talk and look at each other out of our peripheral vision, it was funny. We are getting married November 23rd and with your help, we have found each other. Thank You, LDSMingle!

Joey & Rebecca

Soldiermedic51 & Inkryptoguy

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