We're looking forward to being sealed for time & eternity

After having a premium membership that never expires for what seemed like an eternity, I met Scotb123 in January of 2010 on LDS Mingle. He didn't have a photo online and after many strange encounters on LDS Mingle, I didn't think twice about profiles with no photos. He viewed my profile several times and so I finally read his. He was from the same small town that my father had grown up in and that was a little strange to me.

A few weeks later he finally posted a photo and he sent me a flirt asking if I wanted to be friends. I responded as I normally did to any one and said sure, I'm always up for friends. I told him that my dad was from the same town he lived in and there began several conversations finding out who he knew that my family knew (with my dad sitting with me telling me what to ask).

After many IM conversations, we decided to talk on the phone. I could sense that he was beginning to have feelings for me, however, I again was hesitant from experience knowing that feelings that develop before meeting most often lead to heartache and disappointment. We decided to meet for lunch the next weekend. He drove down from the mountains, met me for lunch and a month later we were engaged. We married on June 5th, 2010 and could not be happier! I went from being a single mom of a teenage daughter to a mother of 4 children.

We are looking forward to being sealed for time and all eternity as soon as his sealing clearance letter is received. 9 years on LDS Mingle finally paid off and I could not be happier!

Fraggles and Scotb123

fraggles & Scotb123

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