We're both in love and it's deeper than anything we've felt.

I (TheKatsMeow) had bought a one month subscription to LDSMingle in March of 2010. I had corresponded with plenty of guys, but nothing promising. I've only met two guys from the site in person, but didn't feel a connection with
either one. I decided to wait a few months before renewing my subscription. Several months passed and I still received smiles and messages and was
corresponding with a few guys.

In July I took advantage of your half off sale. I went back to read the emails I had gotten that I wasn't able to read. One was sent in May from
croyboy. His message indicated he was specific in his search criteria. He typed in "Air Force" and my profile popped up. Not only did he like my
picture, but he was also interested in the fact I was living near Dover AFB (where he was almost transferred to last year).

Croyboy's profile indicated that he was being deployed to Afghanistan in June. Bummer. So I replied and wished him luck overseas. I realized that we would most likely not even be able to communicate that often, or even at all. I've always been attracted to the military lifestyle, but never actually thought I would meet someone in active duty and active in the Church. And at
that point, I didn't even know how active in the Church he really was.

I received a chat invite just moments after I sent my reply. As it turns out, croyboy's deployment was delayed and he was at the airport waiting to be deployed that VERY day! So we chatted for a while (he was on a friend's
iPhone while I on my laptop). Chat turned into text messaging and then finally that evening (July 3rd) he called me on the phone and we were able to talk just before he left the country. He seemed cool enough and we had a lot in common, but man, deployed for 6 months. A lot can happen. I thought that if I were still single when he returned that it'd be neat to go out with him. I had anticipated dating other guys in the meantime.

He called me several days later on July 8th and we talked for a couple of hours, continuing to get to know each other. "Wow, this guy is really, REALLY amazing!" We have been talking on the phone every day ever since. Yes, every single day! The thing is, I can't call him. He has to call me. So my dream of being pursued has come true. I don't know how much more pursuing
you can get under these unique circumstances! I don't even have a desire to date anyone else.

I never thought it would've been possible to fall in love by conversation alone, but that's exactly what's happened. We've talked via webcam a few
times and now I'm counting down the days 'til he comes home. I plan to meet him at the airport in January and drive him to the base where he is
stationed in Georgia. We're both in love and it is deeper than anything we have ever felt before because this time we are truly getting to know each other. We have talked more to each other than we have to our ex-spouses and we have 97 more days to go! =0)

Without LDS Mingle we would have never "met." We both truly believe that we have found the person we have been looking for.



TheKatsMeow & croyboy

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