We knew our days of dating others was over.

I was very skeptical about actually finding a companion online-I had tried several times and kept canceling my subscription because it never worked out. I tried again in September of 2008, with a sincere and open mind, and three days later I got a message from LaGrange. I lived in Vegas and he in LA county, but I thought the worst that could happen was I would end up with another friend. Because of our schedules, we were never able to spend a lot of time together until the holidays. By New Year's Eve, we knew our days of dating others was over. We attended the April session of conference and he proposed to me on temple square. I am originally from Bountiful, so in August we got married in the Bountiful Temple. I know it sounds cliche and I never believed that I would be a success story, but I never would have found my wonderful husband if it hadn't been for LDS Mingle. Thank you for making it easier to find someone, because sometimes long distance relationships do work out.

DesertGypsy and LaGrange

desert_gypsy & LaGrange

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