We hope to enter the temple soon...

A few years ago I signed up with this site, but aside from making a few friends nothing happened. I live on the East coast so decided to stop paying since so many live in the West. I decided it would be OK to leave my profile up though. More recently I was inspired to become a paying member again. I'm glad I did since Rescueranger had been trying to contact me. We went on our first date in our nation's capital, visiting museums and monuments, although he later confided in me that he didn't remember half of the places we visited. It has been a month and we are now unofficially engaged since the ring is still on order. We hope to enter the temple in the early part of 2011 to be sealed for time and eternity. We should probably never had met if it weren't for your wonderful dating site. Thank you for making it happen! --Res3cuedalmation

res3cuedalmation & Rescueranger

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