We decided we wanted more then just a casual relationship.

We met on LDS Mingle during the week of Thanksgiving. She lived four hours south of me and when I had messaged he she instant messaged me. We talked for a bit, then exchanged numbers. Then she said that she would be up in this area visiting family for a week for the holidays. The day he drove up we met at Cafe Rio in Provo and had a great conversation. We said we wanted to take things slow and then we seemed to hang out every day including me with her family and hers with mine. When she left back home we really missed each other and we decided we wanted more then just a casual relationship. It has not been too long, but we are heading strong and talk every day and we went to Build A Bear Workshop and bought each other a bear we made. I have never been happier in my life and know this is going to work. I wish everyone all the success and if it was not for LDS Mingle we would have never met. Thanks for your website and for giving me my beautiful goddess who makes my world go round.


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