We are now a happy family of four

Happily Married!

I was busy finishing my last semester of school to get my BA Degree and missed the first two smiles that joraj(Lorenzo) sent to me. During a break in school I finally checked my LDSMingle account and replied to his smiles. It quickly went from smiles to chatting online and then to phone calls. He left town to visit family and we still stayed in touch by phone. The day he returned back to Utah we met in person for the first time. After the first meeting we started dating. Because he was visiting Utah from Panama, we made sure to attend General Conference together. After conference he proposed and I said yes. We were married on December 9 2010. Thanks to LDSMingle we are now a happy family of four joraj(Lorenzo), myself and my two children.

Figment and joraj

Figment & joraj

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