The greatest love of our lives.

About a week before my friend practically forced me to sign up on LDSMingle, Spitfiremk1's two adult sons made him sign up as well. Neither of us were really thinking we would find anyone serious here, especially as fast as we did. However, spitfiremk1 messaged me only 11 days after I joined. We sent messages back and forth for 2 weeks and then one night he IMed me. We had a fun conversation. Then we talked on the phone...that was fantastic. We pretty much knew right away that this was going to go somewhere very special. I think we talked on the phone everyday after that until we got our phone bills. :o lol. Spitfiremk1 is in Australia and I am in Canada, so as soon as we could we began to talk on MSN, our relationship has been a beautiful journey. We are getting everything worked out as far as timing and immigration. We are hoping to be married in Australia in August or September.
Thank you LDSMingle, with all of our hearts, for bringing us the greatest love of our lives. :D

butterflykisses41 & Spitfiremk1

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