Our future looks so wonderful together.

Her Story:
I met the most wonderful man here. We both have been through a divorce and we hit it off instantly. Our first call we talked until 3am. I feel like I have waited for him my whole life, I just needed to do some things first. Our future looks so wonderful together.

His Story:
First of all I wasn't interested in a serious relationship. I was looking for some female companionship for dinner and a movie once in a while. I had gone out with some terrific women that I met on LDSMingle.com.

Then it happened...started around the middle of July when I viewed Liveandlaugh's profile. I thought she was cute, but didn't have time right
then to send an message. So I decided to add her to my favorites and follow up later, but she beat me to the punch. When I logged on next there was a smile from her in my inbox, so I replied with an email. The next night about 10:00 PM I was just about to log off (I get up at 4:00 AM to get ready for work) when liveandlaugh messaged me. I decided to introduce myself and arrange to chat another time. Before I knew it we had been chatting for nearly an hour. I finally told her I had to go to bed, but made arrangements
to chat the next night. This went on for a few weeks and we eventually started chatting over Windows Live Messenger. One afternoon I was at work and we had been chatting off and on all day. I told her I had to leave, but I could call her on my way home. She really liked this idea and was very excited. I called her and we talked for about an hour. She had the sweetest sounding voice I have ever heard. This is also when we began to develop a strong emotional connection.

From here we began texting, chatting, and talking as often as we could get away with. After more than a month we decided it was time to meet in
person. I had been planning to visit my grandmother, who lived in the same
city she did, over Labor Day weekend. This was about 4 hours from where I lived. We were both very excited. Then about 2 weeks before we were to meet I learned of an important family function that I could not miss and I would not be able to go that weekend. I talked to my mom and she had been planning a trip and would be leaving the next day. She asked if I would like to ride up with her. I agreed and called liveandlaugh with the news. The next day was our first date and it was nothing short of magical. I picked her up at her place and greeted her with a hug and a kiss. We then left to go to dinner. After dinner we went for a walk along the Snake River in Idaho Falls and found a bench across the river from the temple. We sat and talked for more than an hour. I put my arm around her and she leaned
her head on my shoulder. We decided to date each other exclusively. The next night we went to a movie and Sunday morning I headed home. This is when our relationship really took off. We continued texting, chatting, and calling each other, but we also started video chatting.
Liveandlove put her kids to bed at 9:00 and so did I. We now talk using video chat each night.

I have been up to see her one more time and she is planning a trip to visit me in October. She is a very special lady and I am blessed to have her in my life. We are not yet engaged, though the subject of marriage has come up. This is where we are now.


Liveandlaugh & Packerfan75

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