Marriage has suited us both wonderfully well...

We'd both been online for sometime before we met each other. I even dated at least a couple other guys whom I met on yours or other sites.

Our courtship started simply enough. It was the summer of 2007 and I got a new message from a new guy that said something to the effect of "You have
the cutest smile. I mean so cute!" I was always a sucker for complements, so I looked at his profile. I don't remember what I thought of it all, but I definitely thought he was cute and seemed nice enough to know better. I responded to his message, he again to mine, and within 3 or 4 emails we decided to meet.

On a Saturday in July we meet at Citrus Grill in Draper, UT for lunch. I got there first and watched for cars, trying to guess which one would be his (I was right, by the way). We had a nice lunch date and that's about it. We've both agreed that there was nothing momentous about that first date. It was pleasant, we both found conversation with the other ridiculously easy and fun, but there were no fireworks or crazy revelations. When it was over he simply asked if he could ask me out again and I said yes. That night I went
out with another guy whom I saw more in the next couple weeks than I did of Tyrone. And while he did call me by the next weekend, Ty was dating plenty of other girls as well. It's one big reason that we didn't go out again for a whole
month. He would call and miss me and leave a very good message (he always said "I'd like to take you on a date" which I loved), so I would call him
back and miss him, and the scenario would repeat a few days later. Finally I decided he was just too busy to date me and, nice as he seemed, the next time he called I would tell him to stop calling me. However, the next time he called I found I didn't want to tell him that. I also didn't want to continue our "exhilarating" game of phone tag. So, knowing he would know it
was me, I called him and hung up when the answering machine came on. I did that a couple more times that night, refusing to leave yet another message (evidently that annoyed him since he hates when people don't leave messages,
but it got the job done). When he finally called me back I was in the shower and missed it. Finally I called and he actually answered. We went out that weekend and that was the fireworks date, the one where we both decided that
we really could like each other a lot. We went out again the next day, and the next weekend (kissed for the first time that next weekend) and almost never stopped dating after that.

The next year was fantastic, and sometimes frustrating. We were both amazed (and sometimes worried) at how easy it was to date one another. I had to be patient and he had to not let my overly-eager dad scare him away. In the end
we both knew what we wanted. He proposed on September 1st, 2008 and we were married November 8, 2008 (yes, it was a very fast engagement, but I did not want to get married during the holidays and neither of us wanted to wait until the new year).

Marriage has suited us both wonderfully well and we are expecting our first, a son, any minute. Good luck to all you daters out there, may you be as happy in your relationships as Ty and I.

unabashedlybrunette & gratibunda1

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