It was worth the wait...

His Story:
I met ensmusic85 in September of 2008. We dated for more than a year, which I HIGHLY RECOMMEND to anyone on this site. It was worth the wait, and now we are both certain we are right for each other. I cannot overstate the benefit of keeping the commandments and waiting more than a year. Thanks to LDS MINGLE for connecting us! We are getting married on Memorial Day Weekend 2010!

Her Story:
When I first joined LDS Mingle in September 2008, I was really just getting on there to meet some friends. On September 15th, I met PS88310 in one of the chat rooms. That night, we started talking on the phone as he was in Los Angeles and I was in SLC. A month later, I decided to go out to Los Angeles to meet him. There was a connection that I could not deny between us.

We eventually had Patrick move to Salt Lake City so we could be closer to each other and date. There were the ups and downs as with any relationship, but we endured them together and endured them well. He finally popped the question on February 18, 2010 and we are getting married on May 29, 2010 in New Mexico. Thank you LDS Mingle for giving me another chance at love and helping us find each other! We never would have found each other without your help!

PS88310 & ensmusic85

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