It was romance is in the air.

About a few weeks ago, I met the love of my life. This is how my story began.

When I first signed up for LDSMingle, I wasn't a subscriber. I thought to myself that it would be a wiser idea to get a subscription. If I wanted to chat with fellow minglers and get to know them, then a paid subscription would be the best option. I think it took me about a couple of weeks before I finally met kateyes19. I decided to check her profile. Her profile caught my attention so I decided to chat with her. To my amazement she responded to my chat request. We hit it off from start to finish. I think it took me a couple of days of chatting with her when I finally asked for her cellular phone number. She told me she would prefer texting than talking over the phone. The next day, I texted her and from that moment on, we couldn't stop texting to each other! I asked her on a date over the weekends but she already had plans with her friends. She told me she was free on Friday night. We met at a Mexican restaurant. When I laid eyes on her for the first time, it was love at first sight. We had an endless evening together. From that moment on, we saw each other everyday. We couldn't bear the thought of being a part for so long. It was romance is in the air. In my entire life, I didn't think I would find true love, but I was wrong! Love found me where I least expected it. She was in Utah County. All I had to do was say, hi....We fell in love!

Thank you LDSMingle!


cinnamonman38 & kateyes19

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