It has been a blessing for both of us...

It all started with a whisper!! AlbuquerqueMark and Momof5Boys met in Sept of 2009 in a chat room. After that, we started talking almost every day until October when AlbuquerqueMark flew to Georgia to visit an aviation school and to meet for the first time.

We had been talking on the phone for about a month before we met. We knew when we were talking that we were meant to be together. AlbuquerqueMark moved out to Georgia to go to school and so we could get to know each other better. He proposed to me on Christmas and we were married in January of 2010. It has been a blessing for both of us, simply because we were about to let our subscriptions run-out. Thank you LDSMingle! I would like to let others know not to give up, because you never know; it can always start with a whisper.

MomOf5boys & AlbuquerqueMark

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