I know without a doubt that God brought us together...

Filip and I are heavy into horses and rodeo; we both compete. I barrel race and he team ropes. I wasn't even a member of the site when he sent me a message. He had a pic of him calf roping off an
appy (appaloosa). It's a bred of horse which happens to be my breed of choice (hence my user name). Anyways, he sent me a message in reference
to the appy he had by the name of Chex. We talked for a few weeks and then he gave me his work e-mail and eventually exchanged #'s. I asked
him when we were going to meet; he said he was hesitant to come to down. I asked why and he stated "because I will come down, meet u, fall in love with u and my whole world will change". He was right!!! I picked him up at McCarran airport on 4/17 @ 9:00pm. We went to the Fremont Street
Experience and watched 2 country concerts. The CMA's where in town that weekend. The moment that I knew he was the one, is when I saw him
sitting upon my appy; I knew without a shadow of a doubt that he was it. We were married Sept 4th, 2010. He is the man of my dreams. He understands me to a T. From my religious views to my competitive streak. I have 2 boys that also compete. The boys love him and he loves them; he's an outstanding roll model. I know without a shadow of a doubt that God brought us together and we are meant to be. The most precious gift that can be bestowed upon a man is love and the sealing of marriage changing 2 into 1 and in
becomes them; in turn becoming a family. Without this site, we wouldn't have been a family.



appylover & Filip

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