I have never been this excited about dating someone!

Being a single father, things are not always easy. Dating had seemed especially difficult.
I seemed to have alot of women wanting to date me, but none of them seemed right. I even became very attracted and thought a one or two were 'it', until I prayed about things and realized that I had not found her'.
After I had become more active in Church and was striving constantly to live the gospel, one of my customers/friends signed me up on this site after praying for me often to meet someone in the Church that I fit with. I could not afford to sacrifice my children's provisions at the time to subscribe, I met Renee during the free communication during New Years. She is amazing!! We seemed to hit it off immeadiately. It has not been long since we started dating, but the feelings I have are uplifting and are there even when she is not. My prayers about it only intensify the feelings. She is wonderful!! I have never been this excited about dating someone! Living by the gospel and praying often is great!! Faith and effort really can accomplish anything!


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