Success Stories: 2010

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I never knew that I could love someone so deeply...

I (Breester2123) joined LDSMingle on a friend’s recommendation after going through a rough breakup. She told me that she had met her husband on this site and strongly recommended it for me. "Internet dating? I don't think so. . ." I said. But she responded by asking me "what did I have to lose?" I told her "fifteen dollars". So she ended up paying for me. :D Along with the fifteen dollars she made me promise to give it a try. So I did.

After a week of sparks and smiling I started dating a few guys from the website. All of the dates were fun and great, but there was one in particular that stood out above all the rest.

I sent Andrew (ajay) a smile a few days before our first date. We talked for the first time on IM Thursday, talked on the phone Friday, he called me Monday to ask me out and we had our first date Tuesday November, 17 2009. We were only a few miles from each other so it turned out to be very convenient.

Andrew had been a member of the site for nine years. He joined when they still had the “Lifetime” membership option, it was just slightly more expensive then the yearly membership. His sister met her husband on the site and recommended it to him. He became a member when he was 21 fresh off of his mission. Even though he dated some girls from the site, nothing serious ever came from it. Nothing serious had come his way at all. So when our date came around he wasn’t expecting anything special, just another date. However, it didn’t turn out that way.

The only way that we can explain our first date is. . . magical. It was the best date that we’ve ever been on. We both felt connected to each other in a way that we’ve never felt before. We don’t want to say it was love at first sight, but there it is. We had our second date on the 19th and then I left for a visit to my home, Texas, for three weeks. I was disappointed at the leave thinking that he would forget about me. But, we talked practically every night and really got to know each other. When I got back we started dating again immediately and on our fifth date he asked “is it too early to call you my girlfriend?” I was ecstatic. Of course I wanted nothing more!

After dating and watching our relationship grow, Andrew and I confessed our love for each other and on February 4, 2010 he proposed marriage! Of course I said yes! I never knew that I could love someone so deeply as I love him. We are planning to be married in the temple May 29, 2010 and with only 3 months left to plan, are wasting no time. We’re so happy that we found each other and can’t wait for the happily ever after that we’ve waited so long for to come true. It was just the right time for both of us to get married and we’re wasting no time to be with each other for time and all eternity.

Thanks for bring us together LDSMingle. We don’t know how we could possibly live without each other. :D

Breester2123 & ajay

You could say this is a storybook ending...

You could say this is a storybook ending, starting with a simple "match" profile from LDS Mingle.
Her Story: I had been on LDS Mingle for a while without finding the special one that I was looking for, even though I had met several nice Priesthood holders. Then one day one of those e-mails came to my in box that I had a match. I was thinking, "not another disappointment," and I almost deleted it, but I had this feeling that I needed to view it. After reading his profile, I felt that this man was special, but maybe he would not be interested in me since I was older. To my surprise, I got an e-mail from him just six days later. I gladly answered it and we sent just a couple of e-mails until we talked on the phone. It did not take long that I felt he could be the one. I sent him a romantic song and he returned one to me. Within a day or so, he called and asked me to fly out to see him.

His Story: Well, I was quite intrigued by the quality of details in her profile, which seemed to meet my hopes for an ideal companion. After only one email exchange, and a delightful "IM", we spoke on the telephone for about two hours. My heart was just getting those strange feelings, and so I knew that I had to meet her. So, we met just nine days later at the Portland Airport, and it was really love at first sight for both of us! She was more beautiful than any photo! From that first encounter to the next day, we became inseparable. I proposed the next day, and she accepted! We are now fully promised to each other and expecting to be sealed in the Washington DC temple in May. We both believe that we were matched up in heaven, and prepared for a lifetime. Thanks, LDS Mingle, you made this all possible!

....KissMeAlways and jimfloyd

KissMeAlways & jimfloyd

Good things have happened.

Its been a while since I have been back to your site, but since creating an account back in Feb of 2008, good things have happened. Through your site I was able to meet my wife Angela from Warwick, Australia. We were married on May 9, 2009 In SLC and now with our children are getting ready to move back to Australia.


We are very happy, laugh every day...

On November 28, 2009 Hokulani (my handle) and Hawkeye4 were married at the Salt Lake Temple after meeting at Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada in October. We were friends since mid-summer.

We are very happy, laugh every day and live in Idaho and love it here.


Hokulani & Hawkeye4

We're a 100% match.

I met my fiance on LDSMingle, even though we live in the same stake. What got both of our initial attention was that we're a 100% match. We started chatting online with LDSMingle, exchanging emails, cards, and smiles. It was an easy way to get to know each other, and allowed us to have a very successful first date. We give much credit to LDSMingle in helping us make that initial connection that will lead to an eternal relationship.


He is the love of my life for now until eternity.

I have met a wonderful man who has brought sunshine and much happiness into my life. I enjoyed the site, but when I met him, I lost all interest in every thing else. He is the love of my life for now until eternity. I've enjoyed what time that I was on the site and I want to wish everyone the best in finding their eternal companion.



We knew our days of dating others was over.

I was very skeptical about actually finding a companion online-I had tried several times and kept canceling my subscription because it never worked out. I tried again in September of 2008, with a sincere and open mind, and three days later I got a message from LaGrange. I lived in Vegas and he in LA county, but I thought the worst that could happen was I would end up with another friend. Because of our schedules, we were never able to spend a lot of time together until the holidays. By New Year's Eve, we knew our days of dating others was over. We attended the April session of conference and he proposed to me on temple square. I am originally from Bountiful, so in August we got married in the Bountiful Temple. I know it sounds cliche and I never believed that I would be a success story, but I never would have found my wonderful husband if it hadn't been for LDS Mingle. Thank you for making it easier to find someone, because sometimes long distance relationships do work out.

DesertGypsy and LaGrange

desert_gypsy & LaGrange

Marriage has suited us both wonderfully well...

We'd both been online for sometime before we met each other. I even dated at least a couple other guys whom I met on yours or other sites.

Our courtship started simply enough. It was the summer of 2007 and I got a new message from a new guy that said something to the effect of "You have
the cutest smile. I mean so cute!" I was always a sucker for complements, so I looked at his profile. I don't remember what I thought of it all, but I definitely thought he was cute and seemed nice enough to know better. I responded to his message, he again to mine, and within 3 or 4 emails we decided to meet.

On a Saturday in July we meet at Citrus Grill in Draper, UT for lunch. I got there first and watched for cars, trying to guess which one would be his (I was right, by the way). We had a nice lunch date and that's about it. We've both agreed that there was nothing momentous about that first date. It was pleasant, we both found conversation with the other ridiculously easy and fun, but there were no fireworks or crazy revelations. When it was over he simply asked if he could ask me out again and I said yes. That night I went
out with another guy whom I saw more in the next couple weeks than I did of Tyrone. And while he did call me by the next weekend, Ty was dating plenty of other girls as well. It's one big reason that we didn't go out again for a whole
month. He would call and miss me and leave a very good message (he always said "I'd like to take you on a date" which I loved), so I would call him
back and miss him, and the scenario would repeat a few days later. Finally I decided he was just too busy to date me and, nice as he seemed, the next time he called I would tell him to stop calling me. However, the next time he called I found I didn't want to tell him that. I also didn't want to continue our "exhilarating" game of phone tag. So, knowing he would know it
was me, I called him and hung up when the answering machine came on. I did that a couple more times that night, refusing to leave yet another message (evidently that annoyed him since he hates when people don't leave messages,
but it got the job done). When he finally called me back I was in the shower and missed it. Finally I called and he actually answered. We went out that weekend and that was the fireworks date, the one where we both decided that
we really could like each other a lot. We went out again the next day, and the next weekend (kissed for the first time that next weekend) and almost never stopped dating after that.

The next year was fantastic, and sometimes frustrating. We were both amazed (and sometimes worried) at how easy it was to date one another. I had to be patient and he had to not let my overly-eager dad scare him away. In the end
we both knew what we wanted. He proposed on September 1st, 2008 and we were married November 8, 2008 (yes, it was a very fast engagement, but I did not want to get married during the holidays and neither of us wanted to wait until the new year).

Marriage has suited us both wonderfully well and we are expecting our first, a son, any minute. Good luck to all you daters out there, may you be as happy in your relationships as Ty and I.

unabashedlybrunette & gratibunda1

Love has continued to grow...

"Buzzgirl" and I "Sachmo" met online LDS Mingle in September of 2008. We instantly clicked :) and eventually got to meet each other in person at a single adult fireside in Brisbane. We met at the temple the next week and there I asked her on our first date. Love has continued to grow ever since. I proposed in April and we were married in June of 2009. So we can say LDS Mingle was the vehicle to find each other and it was amazing how quickly after everything just fell into place. We may have found each other otherwise, but it probably would have taken much longer to get to know each other. So we are thankful for LDS Mingle that it worked for us! Who would have thought married life would be great the second time around.

sachmo & Buzzgirl

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