Success Stories: 2010

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We found each other, fell in love, and got married...

I just want to express my gratitude to you and the LDS Mingle network while I was on the network. I met Marvin in October of 2009. We found each other, fell in love, and we got married on April 22, 2010 by my Branch President in the Pacific Rim Branch, Stockton, California. While pending to be sealed in the Temple for time and the eternity, we are learning about each others cross cultural differences. Marvin is a wonderful husband, he has great love for me and my family and my extended family and is a worthy patriarchal figure in my home, which I never had one in my live. Now that I do, I have much to share and greater respect for him and his sacrifices made by accepting the employment contractor with the Fluor Corporation, he is pending deployment in any moments notice. Meeting Marvin on the network is not a coincident, but an act of God. I believed that He is looking out for both of us. We are not
always happy with every situation while in our marriage, however, we are happy with each other and that truly is a blessing for both of us. We both love the Gospel and are trying to attend the Temple to do work on a regular basis while he is in the main land. Again, we are grateful for this wonderful network for bringing us together, and we hope that the continual success will bring blessings into many lives of other seeking single individuals.


If you have faith then things can work out.

I met my wife here on LDS Mingle two years ago. At first I did not think it would work out since she is from Romania and I am from the US. I thought the distance was too great to over come being in school and not having enough to travel. Then I started saving, earned enough to meet my wife in Romania and after a month we got married. We were talking previously for two years online before we met in person and got married. If you have faith then things can work out.


We want to be together for now and forever.

Her Story:
Hello, I met Jerry from Lubbock, Texas on LDS Mingle. He contacted me with his photo embracing a koala when he was in QLD Australia. I admired his love for Australian animals and my country of birth. We have been emailing and talking for 9 months. He visited me in May of 2010 and we became engaged 21/5 after attending the Melbourne temple for a session. We dated during the week of his visit, he meeting my 3 adult children and sister. We had very enjoyable time sight seeing Melbourne and the environs of the local countryside and attended church together at my ward in Caufiled, Melbourne. We plan to marry 12 February 2011. We are in love and want to be together for now and forever.


His Story:
I notice Kerry's profile, so I decided to make contact. I have a special love for Australia and it's animals. After a few months of emailing and talking, we decided it was time to meet, so I booked the flight to visit Kerry and her family, May 2010. After a wonderful visit with her and her family, we decided to get engaged, after attending the Melbourne Temple. We are planning to get married on 12 Feb 2010. We just had the special prompting to fall in love, and be together forever.

God bless


kerrysue & spain55

Sparks were definitely flying.

We sent cards, flirted, met and have spent every moment we can together. We knew immediately that it was the one...sparks were definitely flying. We both filled out lots of questionnaires and were rated as a 91% match, as far as we are concerned its 100% match.


I'm glad that I took this step...

I signed up one night and began to look through the profiles to see who I might come across. I found The woman I am now seeing on the third page. Her and I are doing great together and couldn't be happier. I'm glad that I took this step and found everything I was looking for in a matter of minutes. She is amazing and she feels the same for me. What more could we ask for?


The greatest love of our lives.

About a week before my friend practically forced me to sign up on LDSMingle, Spitfiremk1's two adult sons made him sign up as well. Neither of us were really thinking we would find anyone serious here, especially as fast as we did. However, spitfiremk1 messaged me only 11 days after I joined. We sent messages back and forth for 2 weeks and then one night he IMed me. We had a fun conversation. Then we talked on the phone...that was fantastic. We pretty much knew right away that this was going to go somewhere very special. I think we talked on the phone everyday after that until we got our phone bills. :o lol. Spitfiremk1 is in Australia and I am in Canada, so as soon as we could we began to talk on MSN, our relationship has been a beautiful journey. We are getting everything worked out as far as timing and immigration. We are hoping to be married in Australia in August or September.
Thank you LDSMingle, with all of our hearts, for bringing us the greatest love of our lives. :D

butterflykisses41 & Spitfiremk1

God has truly blessed us in finding each other...

I signed up with LDS Mingle and sent a smile or flirt to Fafsa the first week of March, 2010. He replied with a card on March 9th and we started exchanging cards right away. After a few days, we exchanged phone numbers and the texting began in earnest. He works graveyards and I study for school until about 2 am every night. I found it was fun to multitask by studying and texting throughout the night. We spent about 5-7 hours a day talking and texting, plus sent cards back and forth almost daily. By the end of March we decided to meet. Being the wonderfully romantic and spiritual guy that he is, he suggested we meet at Temple Square in Salt Lake City. By the time April 5th came around, we were both feeling like we had known each other all our lives. Seeing each other only made it more sure. He asked me to marry him a week later. He didn't even flinch when I had a panic attack instead of just saying "Yes!" After prayer and bishop's council I did joyfully say "Yes!" on April 16th. I don't know who was happier, me or him. We spend every minute together that we can and are planning on getting married in the temple on August 31, 2010. Not only am I finally getting my eternal marriage, but it is to the most wonderful man I have ever known. God has truly blessed us in finding each other after so many years alone. Thank you LDS Mingle for providing us the opportunity to meet each other and plan for a lifetime and eternity filled with joy.

bndtnana & fafsa

bndtnana & fafsa

The spirit influenced both of us...

Is is very simple really...we spent the evening at her apartment just talking and talking. The spirit influenced both of us to kneel in prayer and thank father in heaven for leading each of us together. We are now planning an eternity together.


Dell & Debbie


It was worth the wait...

His Story:
I met ensmusic85 in September of 2008. We dated for more than a year, which I HIGHLY RECOMMEND to anyone on this site. It was worth the wait, and now we are both certain we are right for each other. I cannot overstate the benefit of keeping the commandments and waiting more than a year. Thanks to LDS MINGLE for connecting us! We are getting married on Memorial Day Weekend 2010!

Her Story:
When I first joined LDS Mingle in September 2008, I was really just getting on there to meet some friends. On September 15th, I met PS88310 in one of the chat rooms. That night, we started talking on the phone as he was in Los Angeles and I was in SLC. A month later, I decided to go out to Los Angeles to meet him. There was a connection that I could not deny between us.

We eventually had Patrick move to Salt Lake City so we could be closer to each other and date. There were the ups and downs as with any relationship, but we endured them together and endured them well. He finally popped the question on February 18, 2010 and we are getting married on May 29, 2010 in New Mexico. Thank you LDS Mingle for giving me another chance at love and helping us find each other! We never would have found each other without your help!

PS88310 & ensmusic85

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