Success Stories: 2010

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We're looking forward to being sealed for time & eternity

After having a premium membership that never expires for what seemed like an eternity, I met Scotb123 in January of 2010 on LDS Mingle. He didn't have a photo online and after many strange encounters on LDS Mingle, I didn't think twice about profiles with no photos. He viewed my profile several times and so I finally read his. He was from the same small town that my father had grown up in and that was a little strange to me.

A few weeks later he finally posted a photo and he sent me a flirt asking if I wanted to be friends. I responded as I normally did to any one and said sure, I'm always up for friends. I told him that my dad was from the same town he lived in and there began several conversations finding out who he knew that my family knew (with my dad sitting with me telling me what to ask).

After many IM conversations, we decided to talk on the phone. I could sense that he was beginning to have feelings for me, however, I again was hesitant from experience knowing that feelings that develop before meeting most often lead to heartache and disappointment. We decided to meet for lunch the next weekend. He drove down from the mountains, met me for lunch and a month later we were engaged. We married on June 5th, 2010 and could not be happier! I went from being a single mom of a teenage daughter to a mother of 4 children.

We are looking forward to being sealed for time and all eternity as soon as his sealing clearance letter is received. 9 years on LDS Mingle finally paid off and I could not be happier!

Fraggles and Scotb123

fraggles & Scotb123

We're both in love and it's deeper than anything we've felt.

I (TheKatsMeow) had bought a one month subscription to LDSMingle in March of 2010. I had corresponded with plenty of guys, but nothing promising. I've only met two guys from the site in person, but didn't feel a connection with
either one. I decided to wait a few months before renewing my subscription. Several months passed and I still received smiles and messages and was
corresponding with a few guys.

In July I took advantage of your half off sale. I went back to read the emails I had gotten that I wasn't able to read. One was sent in May from
croyboy. His message indicated he was specific in his search criteria. He typed in "Air Force" and my profile popped up. Not only did he like my
picture, but he was also interested in the fact I was living near Dover AFB (where he was almost transferred to last year).

Croyboy's profile indicated that he was being deployed to Afghanistan in June. Bummer. So I replied and wished him luck overseas. I realized that we would most likely not even be able to communicate that often, or even at all. I've always been attracted to the military lifestyle, but never actually thought I would meet someone in active duty and active in the Church. And at
that point, I didn't even know how active in the Church he really was.

I received a chat invite just moments after I sent my reply. As it turns out, croyboy's deployment was delayed and he was at the airport waiting to be deployed that VERY day! So we chatted for a while (he was on a friend's
iPhone while I on my laptop). Chat turned into text messaging and then finally that evening (July 3rd) he called me on the phone and we were able to talk just before he left the country. He seemed cool enough and we had a lot in common, but man, deployed for 6 months. A lot can happen. I thought that if I were still single when he returned that it'd be neat to go out with him. I had anticipated dating other guys in the meantime.

He called me several days later on July 8th and we talked for a couple of hours, continuing to get to know each other. "Wow, this guy is really, REALLY amazing!" We have been talking on the phone every day ever since. Yes, every single day! The thing is, I can't call him. He has to call me. So my dream of being pursued has come true. I don't know how much more pursuing
you can get under these unique circumstances! I don't even have a desire to date anyone else.

I never thought it would've been possible to fall in love by conversation alone, but that's exactly what's happened. We've talked via webcam a few
times and now I'm counting down the days 'til he comes home. I plan to meet him at the airport in January and drive him to the base where he is
stationed in Georgia. We're both in love and it is deeper than anything we have ever felt before because this time we are truly getting to know each other. We have talked more to each other than we have to our ex-spouses and we have 97 more days to go! =0)

Without LDS Mingle we would have never "met." We both truly believe that we have found the person we have been looking for.



TheKatsMeow & croyboy

Our future looks so wonderful together.

Her Story:
I met the most wonderful man here. We both have been through a divorce and we hit it off instantly. Our first call we talked until 3am. I feel like I have waited for him my whole life, I just needed to do some things first. Our future looks so wonderful together.

His Story:
First of all I wasn't interested in a serious relationship. I was looking for some female companionship for dinner and a movie once in a while. I had gone out with some terrific women that I met on

Then it happened...started around the middle of July when I viewed Liveandlaugh's profile. I thought she was cute, but didn't have time right
then to send an message. So I decided to add her to my favorites and follow up later, but she beat me to the punch. When I logged on next there was a smile from her in my inbox, so I replied with an email. The next night about 10:00 PM I was just about to log off (I get up at 4:00 AM to get ready for work) when liveandlaugh messaged me. I decided to introduce myself and arrange to chat another time. Before I knew it we had been chatting for nearly an hour. I finally told her I had to go to bed, but made arrangements
to chat the next night. This went on for a few weeks and we eventually started chatting over Windows Live Messenger. One afternoon I was at work and we had been chatting off and on all day. I told her I had to leave, but I could call her on my way home. She really liked this idea and was very excited. I called her and we talked for about an hour. She had the sweetest sounding voice I have ever heard. This is also when we began to develop a strong emotional connection.

From here we began texting, chatting, and talking as often as we could get away with. After more than a month we decided it was time to meet in
person. I had been planning to visit my grandmother, who lived in the same
city she did, over Labor Day weekend. This was about 4 hours from where I lived. We were both very excited. Then about 2 weeks before we were to meet I learned of an important family function that I could not miss and I would not be able to go that weekend. I talked to my mom and she had been planning a trip and would be leaving the next day. She asked if I would like to ride up with her. I agreed and called liveandlaugh with the news. The next day was our first date and it was nothing short of magical. I picked her up at her place and greeted her with a hug and a kiss. We then left to go to dinner. After dinner we went for a walk along the Snake River in Idaho Falls and found a bench across the river from the temple. We sat and talked for more than an hour. I put my arm around her and she leaned
her head on my shoulder. We decided to date each other exclusively. The next night we went to a movie and Sunday morning I headed home. This is when our relationship really took off. We continued texting, chatting, and calling each other, but we also started video chatting.
Liveandlove put her kids to bed at 9:00 and so did I. We now talk using video chat each night.

I have been up to see her one more time and she is planning a trip to visit me in October. She is a very special lady and I am blessed to have her in my life. We are not yet engaged, though the subject of marriage has come up. This is where we are now.


Liveandlaugh & Packerfan75

When I first saw her, I liked her right off!

I met Catara about two months ago, while I was conducting a Family Home Evening here on Mingle. We had some wonderful chats together, and she told me she just got her Temple recommend. So I asked if she had anyone to go to the Temple with. She replied in the negative that she had no one. So I offered to go with her and even invited her to go to the Bountiful Temple as the Ogden was closed for cleaning.

When I first saw her, I liked her right off! Wonderful smile, but I thought she might be seeing a lot of other guys....well, typical of us men to underestimate the ladies we meet! It took me some courage, but one Saturday evening we were in chat, and I thought I would ask her if she would like to go to a movie. "I thought you would never ask me out!" She replied! (She lives very close.) Floored me!

We found that we had so many similar interests, likes and dislikes... Hey! Is this Karma? The more we got to know each other, the more we fell in love...

On October 9, 2010, we will be married!

Thanks LDS Mingle!



I know without a doubt that God brought us together...

Filip and I are heavy into horses and rodeo; we both compete. I barrel race and he team ropes. I wasn't even a member of the site when he sent me a message. He had a pic of him calf roping off an
appy (appaloosa). It's a bred of horse which happens to be my breed of choice (hence my user name). Anyways, he sent me a message in reference
to the appy he had by the name of Chex. We talked for a few weeks and then he gave me his work e-mail and eventually exchanged #'s. I asked
him when we were going to meet; he said he was hesitant to come to down. I asked why and he stated "because I will come down, meet u, fall in love with u and my whole world will change". He was right!!! I picked him up at McCarran airport on 4/17 @ 9:00pm. We went to the Fremont Street
Experience and watched 2 country concerts. The CMA's where in town that weekend. The moment that I knew he was the one, is when I saw him
sitting upon my appy; I knew without a shadow of a doubt that he was it. We were married Sept 4th, 2010. He is the man of my dreams. He understands me to a T. From my religious views to my competitive streak. I have 2 boys that also compete. The boys love him and he loves them; he's an outstanding roll model. I know without a shadow of a doubt that God brought us together and we are meant to be. The most precious gift that can be bestowed upon a man is love and the sealing of marriage changing 2 into 1 and in
becomes them; in turn becoming a family. Without this site, we wouldn't have been a family.



appylover & Filip

We sorta just knew before we met it was right for us.

We met on here and found each other later on facebook. We talked for 3 months on skype until we met in person. I am from Australia and Darren in Colorado and I flew out here to meet him in person. We sorta just knew before we met it was right for us. A week later we were married!:D It's been awesome and amazing and can't wait to move back and for us to be together with all our crazy bunch of kids!!!!! I have 4 girls and Darren has 4 boys, so it's going to be lots of fun!! Thank you LDS Mingle for helping us find each other!!!!

Sarah and Darren


We have decided that we are meant to be eternal companions.

His Story:
I had only been on the LDSMingle website for 18 days when MWGirl's profile came up on my homepage as a 100% match. Her profile wasn't all that compelling, nothing really jumped out at me that said "this one's special". I always sent a smile to anyone who came up as a match or viewed my profile, just to be nice, to build a little good will. I didn't really expect a response, but later that day, I got an answer to my Smile.
I had said in my profile how much I was into historical stuff, especially having to do with church history. MWGirl wrote that she lived close to Liberty Jail, Far West, and Adam-ondi-Ahman, and that if I ever was in the area, she would be happy to show me around. I happened to be on the website later that week, saw that she was online, so I invited her to chat. We chatted back and forth for a few weeks, but my laptop was being temperamental, kept sending messages in the middle of a sentence, dropping the chat connection, etc.. I have difficulty with typing anyway. Finally, she suggested we might talk on the telephone, and gave me her number. I expected we might talk for 30 minutes or an hour, but our first phone conversation lasted 5 hours and 47 minutes!! After that, we chatted online every day, and talked on the phone once a week, usually Friday nights, because we always talked a long time. After about three weeks of talking daily, we decided to meet face to face, so I made a trip to her town, taking her up on her offer to show me around the church historic sites near where she lived.

I knocked on MWGirl's door, and when she answered, I was struck by how cute she was! I mean, I had seen pictures, but in real life she was so different, so lively. I guess I was staring, because she asked if anything was wrong. I apologized for being such a goof, we had a handshake, then, I got brave and gave her a hug, too. We had a wonderful sight-seeing trip, followed by a nice dinner at a place she knew about in Liberty. I went to church with her the next morning, we did more sight-seeing that afternoon, then I headed for home. I called her on my cell every time I stopped on my way home, because I was already about half in love with her.

MWGirl and I made plans for her to visit my town a few weeks later, so that I could show her what Arkansas had to offer. I also wanted to have her meet my daughter and my two grandchildren. Of course, my family just loved her! Over the course of the weekend, we talked about what our feelings were for each other. We agreed that we really loved each other, wanted to be together, and that we should go to Heavenly Father for guidance through prayer to know what was right for us. Our answer was to go to the temple together, meet in the celestial room, and ask Heavenly Father if we were right for one another. Our temple trip is scheduled for Sept. 10th, 2010. I look at it as just a formality, because I know that Heavenly Father has sent MWGirl to me. We seem to want the same things out of life. Since both of us had marriages to others who didn't honor our faith, we each feel that we were sent to each other because of the importance that our faith, our testimonies, and honoring the priesthood holds for us.

I can only speak for myself, so I don't know what MWGirl will say, but I feel that she brings out the best in me. I try harder to be faithful, honor my priesthood, and build my testimony than I did before we met. She makes me feel closer to Heavenly Father just by being a part of my life. I believe with all my heart that MWGirl is the eternal partner I am supposed to have. I am grateful to LDSMingle for being available to me so that I could find her.

Her Story:
I have been on mingle for sometime and had decided I probably was not going to find what I was looking for, but just stayed on just in case. Then one day I received a smile from matea1. I read his profile and he had some of the qualities in a man that I was looking for. So, I sent him an email and we exchanged emails a few times, then one day he asked me if I wanted to chat, which I did. We did this a few times and when we started having trouble with our computers we decided to talk on the phone. After a couple of real long phone conversations we started talking on the phone every night. We have learned a great deal about each other and found out we had a lot in common. In July he came to where I live. I live near many church sites, so we went site seeing and then we went to my ward the following Sunday. A few weeks later I traveled to his town and did some site seeing and then went to church in his ward. We are still talking every night and we have decided that we are meant to be eternal companions.

matea1 & MWGirl

We hope to enter the temple soon...

A few years ago I signed up with this site, but aside from making a few friends nothing happened. I live on the East coast so decided to stop paying since so many live in the West. I decided it would be OK to leave my profile up though. More recently I was inspired to become a paying member again. I'm glad I did since Rescueranger had been trying to contact me. We went on our first date in our nation's capital, visiting museums and monuments, although he later confided in me that he didn't remember half of the places we visited. It has been a month and we are now unofficially engaged since the ring is still on order. We hope to enter the temple in the early part of 2011 to be sealed for time and eternity. We should probably never had met if it weren't for your wonderful dating site. Thank you for making it happen! --Res3cuedalmation

res3cuedalmation & Rescueranger

It has been a blessing for both of us...

It all started with a whisper!! AlbuquerqueMark and Momof5Boys met in Sept of 2009 in a chat room. After that, we started talking almost every day until October when AlbuquerqueMark flew to Georgia to visit an aviation school and to meet for the first time.

We had been talking on the phone for about a month before we met. We knew when we were talking that we were meant to be together. AlbuquerqueMark moved out to Georgia to go to school and so we could get to know each other better. He proposed to me on Christmas and we were married in January of 2010. It has been a blessing for both of us, simply because we were about to let our subscriptions run-out. Thank you LDSMingle! I would like to let others know not to give up, because you never know; it can always start with a whisper.

MomOf5boys & AlbuquerqueMark

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