We're getting married and couldn't be more excited.

This was going to be my last attempt to meet someone on a dating website. I can honestly admit I wasn't sure what would happen. Chalk two more up on the tote board. It was in January of 2008 when puddlebrat and utegrad76 met up in a Denny's in downtown Salt Lake City after talking for about a week. It's now March of 2009 and we've been engaged for 2 months. We will be getting married within the year and we couldn't be more excited. We have met both our families and we are very pleased to say that if we had not met through this website we probably would not be where we are at in our lives right now. Thank you for bringing us together, LDS Mingle.

- puddlebrat and utegrad76.

***Updated 5/31/09***
We are getting married June 5, 2009 in Salt Lake City. We again want to thank everyone at LDS Mingle who make the site the tremendous
success that it really is.


utegrad76 & puddlebrat

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