The allure was there and the connection grew...

I found my Edward. Almost a year ago to the date, Uncleauggie was signed up by his mother for
the service. Under her prodding, he messaged a few profiles that seemed interesting. I was amongst them. He wasn't really sure why he
contacted me since I was both out of his age and distance zones. However he did, I responded and we began with texting and then the phone within a week.

Since I was moving out to where he was to finish my degree in psychology, he promised to take me dancing when I got there. Ten days later he made
good on his promise. Our first date was Jan. 10th 2009. The allure was there, the connection grew, and as we dated every day for almost four months straight, we discovered the holes in our own worlds that were being fit with the other. He asked me to marry him several times and
in several different ways before he actually got down on his knee with a diamond. I was thrilled.

My family adores him and we were married on August 1st, 2009. Our paperwork for a temple sealing didn't come through in time, so we'll have a second wedding in August of 2010. We now have seven children and he became an instant 'Umpa'. We are looking forward to a wonderful Christmas together and a New Year filled with adventures.

Thank you Mingle for the good times, the great friends, and for the safe place to reacquaint myself with the 'single' life as well as graduate
from it. To any who read this, it is possible, it can be wonderful, but sometimes you have to step outside of your paper-mate (the one you list on paper as qualities you require) and see who the Lord has prepared.

Chantaclair and Uncleauggie/ Marsha and Edward.

Chantaclair & Uncleauggie

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