It was like finding the missing puzzle piece...

Every time I came to LDS Mingle and my 3 year old daughter was with me, she would tell which ones she liked. She referred to them as “Daddies”. She usually would ask to see “That Daddy” and she would look at their pictures and then sadly say, “No, that’s not my Daddy”. One day while I was getting on my page, Joel sent me an Instant Message right when I came on so I missed it. I thought he looked like someone I’d really like to get to know so, I sent him an e-mail explaining why I didn’t respond and that I’d still like to hear from him sometime. A couple days later I got around to reading his profile and he just happened to send me an Instant Message at the same time. My daughter piped up and said “That’s my Daddy!” We wound up chatting for a couple of hours. Then we started talking on the phone. We started talking everyday. We decided to have our first date on Valentines Day! When met it was like we knew that we both fit in each others lives and it was like finding the missing puzzle piece we’ve been looking for. My kids completely love Joel and he loves them and we knew we needed each other. We knew we were in love. We didn’t see why we should prolong things and so we wound up getting engaged a few weeks later after we met and we’ve set our date in June. We knew we’d need time for some planning! We feel like it was meant to be and we’re the luckiest couple around!


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