I met my knight!

I met my knight!!!! In May of 2008 here on LDS Mingle, I met the love of my life. He lived in Florida, I lived here in Franklin WV. Over the miles we talked on line, then over the phone. It was funny...I gave him my number 2 times before he even got around to calling, lol. When we did get around to talking on the phone, that was all she wrote. It became an every day/night thing. We would talk for hours, about everything. The hours soon became ALL NIGHT! We enjoyed each other. I was a single Mom of 3, 12, 10, 8, he was a single man with just a cat, lol. One night we started talking about being married. Then I asked "do you hear what we are saying, you have not even asked me to be your girlfriend." lol! So we thought that we should pray and fast for 3 days, to see what the Lord would have us do...we both got the go ahead. We met face to face a few weeks later, we met the kids and my Mom. I met his Sister and her family. That weekend in DC with my 3 kids he asked me to be his wife. Aug 23rd, 2008 we were sealed in the Orlando Temple. On Sept 8th, 2009 we had our 1st set of baby girl twins, this summer the older kids will have his last name, and we will be sealed together.

Don't give up hope, don't stop praying and don't lose faith......he hears you and loves you. You will be happy and with the one you love.



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