I found the Girl of my Dreams!!!

I met H_dixon on here and we just hit it off even though we were in 2 different states! We chatted online and over the phone for a while. I first went to visit her around Thanksgiving of 2008 and we really hit it off well. The drive to Delta, UT from Chandler isn't all that bad! She visited me and I visited her often over the next couple months and it just felt right. So, she came down to AZ to visit around Valentines Day and we had a great time. Then on Friday, Feb. 13th, (Yes it was Friday the 13th), at 11:45 p.m., I proposed and she said yes. We're getting married June 13th, 2009. We'll be living in Arizona. Thanks to LDS Mingle I found the Girl of my Dreams!!!

doughboy13 & H_dixon

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