He is everything I ever asked for...

As I've spend more than 5 years on this site, I've met a lot of wonderful people and am grateful for all the friendships and for some of the issues that has been discussed on the message boards. After dating cross-atlantic and talking to guys in almost every part of the world, I finally met the right guy. He lives within a mile from me :) We have known each other for 15 years, but since he was married I never really saw him, until way after his divorce. Actually I took his pictures and helped him set up his Mingle profile :) He is everything I ever asked for; Strong in the church, intelligent, warm, passionate and a wonderful substitute father for my sons. In a few weeks - NOV 7th 2009 - we will get sealed in the Temple in Copenhagen and start a long wanted chapter in our lives. Even though we didn't really meet on LDS Mingle, I still want to express my appreciation for the safe place it has been to meet people with the same standards.

Futte & Niels

Futte & Cross-atlantic

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