Before we left the airport we knew we would be married.

I joined LDSMingle in late June of 2009. I had been widowed for a year and a half and was so lonely. It was less than two weeks later that I was first contacted by MountainFan. He told me that he was on the website to find people who had experienced the loss of an eternal companion and could validate his feelings and give him ideas as to how to deal with the grieving process. I responded and we made a date to chat. After chatting for about an hour and finding it pretty cumbersome, we decided to share telephone numbers and e-mail addresses. I had a blog that I had created to help me deal with my loss, so I shared that with him. I think he fell in love with me reading my blog. It was less than three days of frequent e-mails and phone calls when I also began to fall in love with him. We shared so many things in common.

We decided we needed to meet, but our lives were both busy, and we set our meeting for about a month out. It was so hard to wait that long! I live in the Seattle area and he in Utah, so we decided to meet in Southern Utah where he has a son and I have a daughter. I flew into Las Vegas and he met me there. Before we left the airport we knew we would be married. The next day he proposed to me in the St. George Temple, and we will be married in early September. Thank you LDS Mingle for bringing us together.

Bujimac & MountainFan

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