Success Stories: 2009

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We are two peas in a pod.

He was in Virginia and I was in Minnesota. I just got back from my mission. An old roommate of mine had found her husband through LDS Mingle so I thought, "Why not?" Dave and I got to know each other for a few months before finally meeting in Washington DC. After that, we were two peas in a pod. We both moved out to Utah in the Fall, got engaged, and we got married in the Washington DC temple on December 20, 2008. You never know where you will find your special someone.... and I am grateful we found each other here!

petethebird & hedgehog06

We are both pursuing out interests towards one another.

I have found someone that I am now dating. She is a very interesting and good person who has a wonderful character skill set. We are both pursuing out interests towards one another. The amazing things we have in common leave us talking for hours. I am fascinated with all of the many talents she has and the similarities we share.

Thank you LDS Mingle!


I couldn't have asked to meet a better person.

After meeting and chatting with a number of different women, I finally met one in my area. We setup a simple date to go for a walk. We had a great time. The next week she invited me to go for a hike with her up in the mountains. After almost getting lost and spending the night on the mountain, I knew that I had found what I was looking for. We dated for a several more weeks before deciding there was no point in waiting any longer. After a short engagement, we were married. I couldn't have asked to meet a better person. Thanks LDSMingle!


Meeting was the icing on the cake of LOVE!

We met on this site!! This site does WORK!!!! First it was sending flirts on this SITE, then IMing on this SITE, then phone calls, & finally meeting in person, which was the icing on the cake of LOVE!! So Thank You LDS Mingle for doing what you do!!!!


I found the perfect woman

I found the perfect woman on LDS Mingle. We are very happy and she will be even more happy when I come back to her from Iraq. I had looked so long for a good women at church dances, but I found none. Then within 3 months, I found my wife. I did find a lot of dudes on LDS Mingle at first, but in the end it worked out.


I was able to meet a true angel on earth

Scratch two more off your list; smbleeker2 and jt_alaska are getting married in April. Saying thanks seems inadequate, but...Thanks!
We would not be experiencing this incredible ride had it not been for your site and my irresistible charm. Totally kidding on that last part.
Fortunately, Sarah looks past my quirky humor and tongue tripping. Eternal thanks for hosting a site where I was able to meet a true angel on earth, my sweet Sarah.


jt_alaska & smbleeker2

I have met the love of my life.

I work a ton of hours each week in construction and don't get the chance to meet new people very often. This site helped me to meet new people, which led up to me meeting the love of my life. We agreed to meet at the temple grounds. We are now getting married and going to start or lives together. Good luck to all and keep smiling! :)


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