Success Stories: 2009

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I am forever grateful!

I met my husband on LDS mingle in Aug of 2006. We began dating in January of 07 and were married Jan 08!!!! I never thought I would meet my eternal companion on this site, but I did and I am forever grateful!!!!


I am very thankful to Heavenly Father...

Since I joined LDS Mingle, I wondered if one day I would be able to share my success story. It seemed that finding that special someone applied to other people, but not to me. I am very thankful to Heavenly Father for the blessing of meeting Jason through LDS Mingle. I am so happy. I would like to finish with a piece of advice. Don't be discouraged and have faith.


We just can't seem to stay away from each other.

On our first date we went to see "Slumdog Millionaire". The movie portrayed "DESTINY" as the way to find true love. Based on our abundance of common interests and the openness of our ability to communicate and the fact that we just can't seem to stay away from each other, we decided that "DESTINY" applied to us also. All of this resulted in her taking me on a trip to a potty break at a rest stop in Idaho, planting me on a 40 degree below concrete bench just outside the potty and proposing marriage. Between this and my frozen butt, I must have gone into shock for a moment or 10 because at first all that would come out of my mouth was "bla,bla,bla,bla. Finally I rose up on one butt cheek and a YES came out. Its been up hill ever since.
Thank you for your hand in bringing us together.


We're getting married and couldn't be more excited.

This was going to be my last attempt to meet someone on a dating website. I can honestly admit I wasn't sure what would happen. Chalk two more up on the tote board. It was in January of 2008 when puddlebrat and utegrad76 met up in a Denny's in downtown Salt Lake City after talking for about a week. It's now March of 2009 and we've been engaged for 2 months. We will be getting married within the year and we couldn't be more excited. We have met both our families and we are very pleased to say that if we had not met through this website we probably would not be where we are at in our lives right now. Thank you for bringing us together, LDS Mingle.

- puddlebrat and utegrad76.

***Updated 5/31/09***
We are getting married June 5, 2009 in Salt Lake City. We again want to thank everyone at LDS Mingle who make the site the tremendous
success that it really is.


utegrad76 & puddlebrat

It was like finding the missing puzzle piece...

Every time I came to LDS Mingle and my 3 year old daughter was with me, she would tell which ones she liked. She referred to them as “Daddies”. She usually would ask to see “That Daddy” and she would look at their pictures and then sadly say, “No, that’s not my Daddy”. One day while I was getting on my page, Joel sent me an Instant Message right when I came on so I missed it. I thought he looked like someone I’d really like to get to know so, I sent him an e-mail explaining why I didn’t respond and that I’d still like to hear from him sometime. A couple days later I got around to reading his profile and he just happened to send me an Instant Message at the same time. My daughter piped up and said “That’s my Daddy!” We wound up chatting for a couple of hours. Then we started talking on the phone. We started talking everyday. We decided to have our first date on Valentines Day! When met it was like we knew that we both fit in each others lives and it was like finding the missing puzzle piece we’ve been looking for. My kids completely love Joel and he loves them and we knew we needed each other. We knew we were in love. We didn’t see why we should prolong things and so we wound up getting engaged a few weeks later after we met and we’ve set our date in June. We knew we’d need time for some planning! We feel like it was meant to be and we’re the luckiest couple around!


We are planning a summer sealing...

I have accepted a proposal of marriage to a gentleman I met through LDS Mingle. We are planning a summer sealing at the Sacramento Temple.

I'd like to thank "administration" at LDS Mingle for your support and for the hope you help to bring to the lives of us singles who believe there is love waiting for us in a relationship we may access by an initial casual email encounter on your website. I am eternally grateful to all of you and for the many hours you spend keeping this website running!

I am grateful to all of the members who keep the commandments so that they may stand worthy of this experience and most importantly to Heavenly Father who wants this for all of us.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.



Happily ever after.

I met the love of my life on this site. I didn't really think it was possible, yet I felt I should keep trying. You know, to keep my options open. If I was supposed to meet my Mrs. Right online, then why not? So, like most anyone, both of us had met different people on here with no success (thank goodness). And when her and I met, at first we didn't think too much of it. But we got to know each other, and we share so much in common, and we communicate more than I have ever imagined you COULD in a relationship.........So, now we're married! Happily ever after. The end. :)


We are very happy and hope to be together for years to come.

We met in the 50's chat room. He gave me good advice about some car trouble I was having. I found him online again and thanked him for saving me a fortune in car repairs. We kept e-mailing....over 100 msgs! Then we shared phone numbers and we had some very very long talks. We finally decided we had to meet so he drove to Arizona to meet me and my family and then he brought me back to Tennessee to meet his family. We are very happy and hope to be together for years to come...all I can say is it all started in the chat room!

CarlHoward1 & AZgrandma

I can't imagine my life without him...

So I never liked the online dating thing from a females view. It was kind of scary. However, I created a profile on a Monday, but didn't pay to IM people at that time. That night, the same person tried to IM me 10 times. So Wednesday I payed to IM and he IMed me within 5 minutes. We talked for 14 hours straight until I had to go to work. Ever since that day, I can't imagine my life without him, he is my soul mate.


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