Success Stories: 2009

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I was able to find that special someone.

The hardest thing to do is to get out there and meet new people; LDS Mingle provided the venue where it is easy and effortless to make the initial overtures. Through this website, I was able to find that special someone: our profiles sparked/kindled our interest for each other, but it is in the personal meeting and dating that true friendship and love blossoms. That is what happened to us...and can happen to anyone with the desire to seek adventure, fun, and love!

KFB58 & nurseekc

He is the one I have spent the last 7 years searching for...

I met "Livelife1515" on here last year in August. I had pretty much given up on ever meeting someone, until I met him. We spent a few months getting to know each other over email and the phone. We met New Year's Day and knew within a week that we would be together forever. He is the one I have spent the last 7 years searching for and we could not be happier!! Thanks for bringing us together!!

stoneoak & Livelife1515

It is a fairytale ending.

We met on LDS Mingle, but found we had known each other from 38 years ago. We found we knew the same people and we had been in the same ward years ago. It just happened and I feel like I have found my prince after kissing a whole bunch of frogs!!! It is a fairytale ending. We got married 4/2/09 and are hopelessly in love! It is never too late.


We are best friends.

We started chatting one night...and met within a few days. Over the next upcoming months we dated off and on. We are best friends. I am forever grateful to this website for bringing us together.


We instantly hit it off.

I joined LDS Mingle thinking that I wouldn't find anyone, but right when I saw her profile I knew I wanted to talk to her. After talking for about a week or so we decided to meet and we instantly hit it off. Those of you out there who are questioning this, don't...anything is possible.


I found the Girl of my Dreams!!!

I met H_dixon on here and we just hit it off even though we were in 2 different states! We chatted online and over the phone for a while. I first went to visit her around Thanksgiving of 2008 and we really hit it off well. The drive to Delta, UT from Chandler isn't all that bad! She visited me and I visited her often over the next couple months and it just felt right. So, she came down to AZ to visit around Valentines Day and we had a great time. Then on Friday, Feb. 13th, (Yes it was Friday the 13th), at 11:45 p.m., I proposed and she said yes. We're getting married June 13th, 2009. We'll be living in Arizona. Thanks to LDS Mingle I found the Girl of my Dreams!!!

doughboy13 & H_dixon

We hit it off pretty well.

Her Story:
I remember sending this one guy (neptunecentury) a flirt and I waited for about a month before I heard back from him. He lived in the area and when we started chatting we hit it off pretty well. We have been dating for about 4 months now and are planning on getting married the first weekend in September. Thank you so much LDSMingle, for sending me the perfect future husband.

His Story:
Well, a little before Christmas in 2008, ldssoccerangel1987 sent me a message. At the time, my account was inactive, but I viewed her profile and thought about it for a while. I decided to to respond to her and found out she lived only 45 minutes from my home. We met for the first time on Jan 7th of 2009 and began dating. Now we are preparing to be married in September! The love of my life found me on this site, and I am soooo happy she did!

ldsoccerangel1987 & neptunecentury

The Lord has blessed us with the same goals and desires...

Well, I met this wonderful, beautiful and charming woman here. It is like we needed and searched for a long time to only find each other here. She is intelligent, sexy, and smart. She found me. She has a son on a mission and we share everything together. Most importantly, we communicate. The Lord has blessed us with the same goals and desires to go to the temple and to be sealed. In closing, I would like to add, life is to short to wait and to search for the perfect person, because you have to work at persecution. So find someone that can love and accept you and trust Heavenly Father for the rest.

Sincerely yours,

Paul and Joyce


I married my best friend...

LDS Mingle assisted in the match made in heaven. We met here, befriended and later fell in love. I married my best friend in the Rexburg, LDS Temple this past month. We are grateful for the clean site LDS Mingle provided for us to find each other. It felt like a lifetime for us to find one other, a year and a half of being very close friends. My love was only 15 minutes away...then we became husband and wife hand in hand.

-Tigerlilymom and Murdog2351-

Murdog2351 & Tigerlilymom

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