Success Stories: 2009

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Our personalities clicked immediately.

Daniel and I met on LDS Mingle a year ago last May, 08. Our personalities clicked immediately. We were best friends for quite a few months, and then our romance just blossomed! We are now engaged and will be getting married before the year is up. Thank you SO MUCH LDS MINGLE for helping me meet my best friend!


We met and we knew we had something special!

I looked at his profile...I read about him and looked at his picture. I thought he looked like a nice guy and thought I would write to him. We met and we knew we had something special! We've been married for 2 months now and it's been great!

Thank you so much!


I knew from the start that he was the owner of my heart...

In January of 2006, shortly after I had joined LDSMingle, I received an email from a Ssears. At first glance, I thought it might have been a joke because I had never received a correspondence quite like this. My initial response was to ignore the email, but as I thought about it, I decided I could try to be a missionary and write to this gentleman. Later that evening I told my 14-year old sister, “I got the weirdest email from a guy today.” She turned to me and said, “You’re going to marry him.”I replied “No, I don’t think so. He is really weird!” She shook her head and persisted in her odd belief that this weird guy in Canada was going to be my future husband. We began to correspond and I was quite impressed with Ssears’s vast knowledge of the Holy Scriptures and of my LDS church. I was somewhat cautious, because at times, he tended to have some more extremist views. I pressed him to add a little bit of information about himself in his emails because I felt it would have made it easier to exchange letters with me. He did (as he talked about his departed father) and I realized that we were becoming friends. One day, my friend was no longer on the LDS Mingle site. I was quite sad about that because I truly felt the beginnings of a strong friendship with him. A couple months later I started getting blank cards (namely the "Knowledge Is Power" card and the Isaiah 26: 4 card "Trust ye in the LORD for ever: for in the LORD JEHOVAH is everlasting strength:")from a gentleman in Winnipeg, Canada called DarrelSimon. I was quite sure it was my friend Ssears (as he always had sent me these sorts of ecards before). Okay, so fast-forward to March of 2008... I hadn’t had the full membership on LDS Mingles for a bit, but I decided that maybe I should give all this a whirl once again. About the same time, my friend, DarrelSimon enhanced his membership once again. He was visiting with the LDS missionaries again (as he has been investigating the church since 2002) and was considering baptism (for the third time). I talked to him about some of my experiences and my own baptism (in 1985), as well as my own testimony of the Jesus Christ, the church, the Book of Mormon, and Joseph Smith Junior. He told me some of his own feelings and his nervousness about baptism (as he was twice rejected before). I was glad to be reconnected to my friend. After he was baptized, I was so excited to talk to him about the truth of the church and our prophets, and our friendship was becoming even stronger. Then one evening in late June, I was Instant Messaging with my friend when he got a little flirty with me. Later that night, our conversation really stuck with me. I kept thinking, “Does he seriously like me or is he just joking around?” Through a few conversations in the following days I realized he really did like me and I was quite certain that I liked him. Soon we were writing or talking on the telephone every day. Then, on Saturday August 9, 2008, DarrelSimon asked me to marry him. We had not even physically met yet, but we knew that we loved each other very much and that we had something wonderful together. When I finally flew to Canada to meet my sweetheart in November, I knew from the first time we hugged that he was the owner of my heart and the person I was suppose to spend the rest of my life and eternity with (and he eagerly placed a custom made ruby engagement ring on my finger). We are finally starting our life together forever on Wednesday July 8, 2009, our wedding day.

jlro & DarrelSimon

We found "real" love and eternal companionship...

We met on Mingle... he was in Canada and I was in Texas. I wasn't at all sure that I could find someone who was "real" and as committed as I was to church and temple service. But I found my sweetheart here and we got to know one another via messages, web cam and then he flew down for a meeting. We knew that we had found something that had a lot of potential. He moved down a couple of weeks later. We dated for a couple of months and were engaged for the better part of a year before we were married in the Houston Temple. We found "real" love and eternal companionship on LDS Mingle. Don't give up!!


She was willing to open up and share and so was I.

This site brought together two people who would have not otherwise been able to meet. It took a little correspondence and phone chats to lead up to visits. It narrowed down the choices by knowing what I was looking for. She saw great things in me. I have to confess, the picture was not the selling point. She was willing to open up and share and so was I.

Thank you very much.



We met and now we are engaged...

I got a smile from Gerrygj for the first time on Feb 3, 2009. I responded with a short message and we chatted later that day. We chatted for about 3 hours that night and agreed to talk on the phone the next day. We met in person for the first time on April 10th and got engaged the same day! We are getting married this Saturday, Jun 20th! LDSMingle works!

Aloevera79 & Gerrygj

Each day I wake up I thank God for another day with him...

I met my husband on this site over a year ago. We dated for nine months and were worthily sealed in the Washington D.C. Temple in December. He is the love of my life. Each day I wake up I thank God for another day with him in my life. Just thought I would share this. Thank you for connecting us.



I am happier now than I have ever been...

Dave and I started casually chatting on LDS Mingle. He had just moved into a new apartment and was lonely at night, so he decided to get onto LDS Mingle as he now had more time that he was finishing Medical school. The cool thing about internet dating is that you meet people that you probably wouldn't come in contact with otherwise. With today's busy world, sometimes it's difficult to get into the right social circles to find someone that you are compatible with. The internet is a wonderful tool when it comes broadening your spectrum. Dave & I have both been previously married and we were both new to being on the market again. So easing our way into internet dating was an easy way to see what the field is now like. Our chatting started out very much on a friend basis, but the more we chatted the more we wanted to chat. We would set up times of when we would chat next. The more we connected the more we wanted to connect and our chatting sessions increased in length. We waited to meet in person, which I really liked because through strictly chatting we were able to get to know each other as individuals and ask tough questions upfront. We met 3 weeks after chatting almost every evening for about 3 hours each time. I was nervous because the only thing that was unknown is whether we would be attracted to each other in person. I had nothing to fear. We met and we just clicked from the beginning. We've been together almost every day since and our relationship has blossomed. Neither one of us was on the market for long... but I don't think we'd change that either. I am happier now than I have ever been as we look towards our future. -Lani (West Jordan, UT)


We are now MADLY in love...

I met my boyfriend online. I lived in Missouri and he lived New Mexico. We met online and started talking. About 3 months later he flew me out to New Mexico to meet him. We are now MADLY in love and plan on getting married in the future. LDS Mingle is the best online dating website I have ever signed up for. It was completely worth it!!!


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