Success Stories: 2009

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I found that needle in the hay stack...

I found that needle in the hay stack, and who would have guessed that she lives only 10 minutes from my house? It's crazy the way that things turn out....and the way that they sometimes don't. I don't remember the last time that I felt this happy and content. She is all I could hope for in a woman. Without LDSMingle, we could have continued to live in the same town and pass each other by on one of our late night trips to Wal-Mart, and never have discovered that the answers to our prayers was within arms distance. Telling friends and family that we met on-line is still not my favorite. We all want that fantastic story that keeps friends and family on the edge of their seats and leaves them with tears in their eyes at the finish. The truth is, that when all is said and done, I'm with the person I am meant to be with, and she with me. I'm looking forward to many other exciting and adventurous stories we'll have to tell along the way.


Before we left the airport we knew we would be married.

I joined LDSMingle in late June of 2009. I had been widowed for a year and a half and was so lonely. It was less than two weeks later that I was first contacted by MountainFan. He told me that he was on the website to find people who had experienced the loss of an eternal companion and could validate his feelings and give him ideas as to how to deal with the grieving process. I responded and we made a date to chat. After chatting for about an hour and finding it pretty cumbersome, we decided to share telephone numbers and e-mail addresses. I had a blog that I had created to help me deal with my loss, so I shared that with him. I think he fell in love with me reading my blog. It was less than three days of frequent e-mails and phone calls when I also began to fall in love with him. We shared so many things in common.

We decided we needed to meet, but our lives were both busy, and we set our meeting for about a month out. It was so hard to wait that long! I live in the Seattle area and he in Utah, so we decided to meet in Southern Utah where he has a son and I have a daughter. I flew into Las Vegas and he met me there. Before we left the airport we knew we would be married. The next day he proposed to me in the St. George Temple, and we will be married in early September. Thank you LDS Mingle for bringing us together.

Bujimac & MountainFan

We feel something very special for each other.

Bill and I met on LDS Mingle. We chatted for a week and then he asked me for my phone number. Since then we stared talking on the phone and we feel something very special for each other. Within a month he asked me if we could meet in person, so we did and now we are dating. We love each other very much. We are just waiting for a few things to be done since he doesn't live close to me and then we will get married.


I met the love of my life.

I met my future husband on LDS Mingle. He interviewed me as if he was interviewing me for a wife. I answered all of his questions, plus more information. I really like that he asked me direct questions about how I felt about the church, about family, and about my faith. Soon we started to talk on the phone and I really loved the sound of his voice. Then he asked to meet me and I said yes. After meeting him and his family and visiting for a week, we both knew we were a match. So next month we are getting married. Thanks to LDS Mingle, I met the love of my life.


We are so happy together...

I met the most wonderful girl ever on here. We started chatting on July 10th. A couple weeks went by of more chatting and we talked on the phone once. Then on July 25th we met and had our first date. We did the classic thing of watching a movie. Another week went by and we went to see another movie. After the movie we were holding hands and soon I met her parents and had a Sunday dinner with her family. We started a relationship and recently have decided to get married! We are so happy together and for all of those on this site, LDSMingle does work! The woman of my dreams and I are getting married on Dec 31, 2009 and we are both so excited!


The more I get to know her, the more madly in love I become.

Back in April, Maydell sent me a smile. I thought she seemed like a nice girl, so we had a few chats online. We decided to meet each other in real life to see how things would work out. Since then we have seen or talked to each other every day. I am constantly surprised by her interest in learning and growing. The more I get to know her, the more madly in love I become.

We will be getting married September 18th in the Salt Lake Temple!

its_uh_me & Maydell

I met my DREAM MATE on LDS Mingle...

I met my DREAM MATE on LDS Mingle in April of '09. Bob came from Canada the middle of June. We were together for 12 wonderful days and he asked for my hand in marriage on June 22, '09 at my father's grave site. I said "yes". The Spirit witnessed to me he was the one I was seeking "who loved the Lord more than he loved me". We plan to marry some time this fall if we can figure out the immigration maze! Good luck to all you wonderful singles who are seeking for your "soulmate".


We began talking on the phone and hit it off...

I met Inbluescrubs one evening when she IM'ed me because I live in the same city as her cousin. It turns out her cousin is married to my cousin. We began talking on the phone, hit it off and are currently engaged and are planning to be married in the temple late this summer. I have to admit I would never have found this wonderful daughter of God if I had not signed up on this site. Thank you LDS Mingle and good luck to the rest of you. It does work


Draughck & Inbluescrubs

I am really falling in love with this beautiful woman.

I found my sweet heart on LDS Mingle even though we weren't members. She matched my search, but other than smiles, I had no way to contact her! But when I went to a church dance in Mexico, to my surprise, I recognized a beautiful woman at the dance. Sure enough, my perfect match stood right before me!!! Seriously, she was 100% matched through the LDS Mingle profile search! We exchanged information and just began an amazing relationship! I am really falling in love with this beautiful woman.


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