Success Stories: 2009

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The allure was there and the connection grew...

I found my Edward. Almost a year ago to the date, Uncleauggie was signed up by his mother for
the service. Under her prodding, he messaged a few profiles that seemed interesting. I was amongst them. He wasn't really sure why he
contacted me since I was both out of his age and distance zones. However he did, I responded and we began with texting and then the phone within a week.

Since I was moving out to where he was to finish my degree in psychology, he promised to take me dancing when I got there. Ten days later he made
good on his promise. Our first date was Jan. 10th 2009. The allure was there, the connection grew, and as we dated every day for almost four months straight, we discovered the holes in our own worlds that were being fit with the other. He asked me to marry him several times and
in several different ways before he actually got down on his knee with a diamond. I was thrilled.

My family adores him and we were married on August 1st, 2009. Our paperwork for a temple sealing didn't come through in time, so we'll have a second wedding in August of 2010. We now have seven children and he became an instant 'Umpa'. We are looking forward to a wonderful Christmas together and a New Year filled with adventures.

Thank you Mingle for the good times, the great friends, and for the safe place to reacquaint myself with the 'single' life as well as graduate
from it. To any who read this, it is possible, it can be wonderful, but sometimes you have to step outside of your paper-mate (the one you list on paper as qualities you require) and see who the Lord has prepared.

Chantaclair and Uncleauggie/ Marsha and Edward.

Chantaclair & Uncleauggie

I met my knight!

I met my knight!!!! In May of 2008 here on LDS Mingle, I met the love of my life. He lived in Florida, I lived here in Franklin WV. Over the miles we talked on line, then over the phone. It was funny...I gave him my number 2 times before he even got around to calling, lol. When we did get around to talking on the phone, that was all she wrote. It became an every day/night thing. We would talk for hours, about everything. The hours soon became ALL NIGHT! We enjoyed each other. I was a single Mom of 3, 12, 10, 8, he was a single man with just a cat, lol. One night we started talking about being married. Then I asked "do you hear what we are saying, you have not even asked me to be your girlfriend." lol! So we thought that we should pray and fast for 3 days, to see what the Lord would have us do...we both got the go ahead. We met face to face a few weeks later, we met the kids and my Mom. I met his Sister and her family. That weekend in DC with my 3 kids he asked me to be his wife. Aug 23rd, 2008 we were sealed in the Orlando Temple. On Sept 8th, 2009 we had our 1st set of baby girl twins, this summer the older kids will have his last name, and we will be sealed together.

Don't give up hope, don't stop praying and don't lose faith......he hears you and loves you. You will be happy and with the one you love.



We are soul mates.

My husband to be and I met on LDS Mingle in June of 2009. Both of us know that we are soul mates. Now our wedding plan is at work and we will marry in the USA after I get my K1 visa. Thanks for the support and help of LDS Mingle staff. Many of my friends and I recommend this site. Thanks again. God Bless you all.



We're now married with a six-month old son.

AndThenThereWereNone and I served in the same mission, but at different times. This was a great ice breaker and we decided to meet (the only person I met online that I met in person, coincidentally). Now, a short three years later, we are married and have a six-month old son.

DCgirl & AndThenThereWereNone

A love that even distance and deployments can't change.

Craig and I met using this site. It became a love that even distance and deployments can't change. We would never have crossed had it not been for this site. Our wedding is scheduled for the middle of February in the Salt Lake Temple.


We used the colors and we match.

I met this lovely lady on LDS Mingle and she was refreshing about her profile. She was really nice, straight forward and honest, but not pushy with "everything" she expects. We wrote to each other like people dating. I think both of us wanted to fall in love and were willing to not put each other under a microscope. We used the colors and we match. I went to see her and we spent 3 weeks dating in person. She lives in another country. I will fly back again, but I have asked her to marry me and she has said yes. Her heart is good, she is willing to accept me and we both look to the Lord to help us out for the rest. So put the Lord first and she is second and the kids are third. And my goal is to kiss my angel good morning and tell her I think about her all day long and love her like crazy when I get back home.


He loves me for who I am.

I just joined the site for fun... I didn't expect anything to come of it, but then I met the man I am going to marry! We went out to dinner and the rest is history... All I had to do was be myself and he loves me for who I am.


We both knew something would happen when we got together...

John and I got married three months ago today. I arrived home from my mission to Fiji in May. He wrote me while I was gone with wonderful faith promoting letters. I loved receiving them every week. Well, we both knew something would happen when we got together and so it did. We are very happy and so grateful for LDS Mingle for bringing us together.


Carole and John

johnjjj & pinkwoman

The key I found is that both of us know ourselves very well.

I am getting married again on Tuesday, November 3rd. I met my Fiance' on We chatted, spoke on the phone several times and a week later went on our first date. We dated for six months. The key I found is that both of us know ourselves very well...what we need and want for each other and ourselves. We asked all the hard questions early in our dating and everything flowed well. This is what I wrote to several friends that I have not heard from in years:

This last year has been quite an adventure. Everything has been physically demanding and very busy. I am very excited about getting married again. I never thought when I was first married almost 17 years ago that Emilee would leave us after a six year battle with Breast Cancer on March 4th. Our family had six years to say goodbye. Before Emilee left us, she told our three boys 8, 12, 15 at the time that it was ok for me to date again when I was ready and re-marry. Emilee even said to me that she would trust whom I would marry and that she would become like a sister to her. Our marriage was good and strong. My three boys and I had already done 95% of our grieving during those six years. Go to the Sunday front page article about Emilee and you will understand more. Also, go to her blog site and look up Sunday, December 14th. Read the second comment, that is mine about that wonderful experience.

In January, my Mom thought she had a heart attack and went to the hospital. After many tests, there was no heart attack and the doctors thought that she had cancer in her spleen. After six weeks of rigorous tests, she was given the all clear, two days after Emilee passed away. Then, in May my Dad had to have emergency heart bypass surgery. I am so glad he survived and is now doing better than ever.

I have been a Personal Banker and Bank Branch Manager for five years and Residential and Commercial Mortgage Originator for ten. The last three years have been more challenging.

I thought that I would be dating for a year or more. I did date many good young women and I did turn many down before meeting Laurel. I even had one relationship start off well before I met Laurel, but then she got cold feet. Laurel and I first met online and a few days later went on our first date to Thanksgiving Point Gardens in Lehi, Utah on May 1st. We hit it off right away. We are just right for each other. We then went out or saw each other several times a week and more often as time went by. I have two other good friends who went through the same type of experience and then re-married shortly after. I have spoken with them about what is best to do when dating, courting, engagement, and marriage. Their advise has been timely and perfect for both of us. This is Laurel's first marriage. The boys just love her and she them. Laurel is a first grade teacher and also has two other degrees: One in Interior Design and another in Environmental Behavior (the study of how the body is affected by the environment.) I couldn't imagine being happier. David


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