We're happier than ever together.

It was pretty cool. I signed up on a Friday and then didn't get back on until Sunday. I didn't really think anything would come out of this. Well, Sunday I got on and found Troy. We started talking and met up in 3 days. Well, now we have been dating for four weeks and we're happier than ever together. I highly recommend this site.

***Updated 8/6/08***
We met on LDS Mingle back in March and fell in love. Then on June 5th, he asked me to marry him at Disneyland. We are now getting married Aug 15th and are going to Disney World for our honeymoon. This place really works. Before we met, we both always swore that we would never meet anyone online. Well, the same night we both happened to just get on-line for fun and started chatting, then a week later, he asked me on a date. So good luck to everyone out there on finding your true love like we have!


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