We knew that our paths were set to cross.

After my wife of 47 years passed away, I wasn't sure that I would ever love another. We had known each other since early Primary days, through MIA, Seminary, and were sealed in 1961. However, through LDS Mingle, I was fortunate in meeting many lovely Sisters that had the same life interests that my wife & I had prior to her 12 year battle with cancer. There were so many Sisters that desired being sealed to their new acquaintances, but I had a eternal companion from which I could not ever think of being separated. But on March 20th, a smile from a lovely lady ADVENTURENOW just rocked my life. I was able to express and share my innermost feelings and thoughts. Sherry's husband John had also passed away due to cancer complications many years ago. They had been sealed and enjoyed their eternal family for over 40 years here on earth.
Sherry and I just started with a smile and I returned with a card. To make a very personal story short, after 127 days of conversations and meetings, we knew that our Heavenly Father and our Eternal Companions had set our paths to cross. We were married on July 25, 2008 for the opportunity to share our remaining earthly days together and to be able to complete some of those plans that we had made with each of our eternal mates. Thank you LDS Mingle for helping guide us together. As I lived in California and Sherry in Utah, the probability of our paths crossing was slim, but with LDS Mingle's help and our Father in Heaven's guidance, our life together will go forward. To you Brothers and Sisters still searching, read those points mentioned in the 13th Article of Faith. But above all, be honest in your searching and in your contacts. As King Benjamin said...Follow the commandments and the Lord will bless you beyond your expectations...


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