We knew our search was over.

His Story:
I had no intention of pursuing a companion through this site and then through a series of circumstances, I decided to fill out the information and see what the site had to offer. I had prayed and received inspiration to look for my companion a week or two prior and I can see this experience was meant to be. I was impressed with several lovely sisters, but one in particular kept coming back to my mind over and over again. I decided to join and contact those I found to be most impressive to me, but as soon as I had contact with the one who would not leave my mind, I knew my search was over. Come to find out, a series of inspired promptings brought her to the site at just the right time or we likely would not have ever met. We did meet though and are planning our future together. I am grateful to God and that such a tool was available for his use in blessing me so profoundly.

Her Story:
I got on this site after learning about it from a friend. It was also the only way I knew I would be able to meet anyone (that didn't live in my area, very few single members here). I really thought I would just be making friends. After being on this site doing the free membership for a month and a half, I decided to buy a six month membership. Two days later, notisaac contacted me. We have been talking ever since. He is the man that was promised to me in a priesthood blessing. I never thought technology was the way to find your eternal companion, but I guess it's the way of the times these days and it might be one of the only ways to meet that special someone. Good luck to those still searching. Be careful, pray, follow your heart, and use common sense. God has a plan for all of us, LDS Mingle can oddly be a possible tool in that plan. Good bye and God bless!

notisaac & emtmom9

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