We couldn't stop thinking about each other.

Slowdancer (Ron) and I (Julie-rockymtngirl) met on LDS Mingles mid-June. We both had several "other irons in the fire", but we also knew there was an immediate connection when we met. He unfortunately called one of his "irons in the fire" my name, and he said he knew then for sure that "I was the one for him", because he couldn't get me off his mind. I couldn't get him off my mind either. Since I come from a pretty remote location, it was hard doing the long distance dating. Slowdancer at least lived in the same state, 5 hours drive. We did the every weekend dating. He flew his Cessna down to see me and I would drive to see him. We got to know each other's Ward family, and family family. And most of all, we shared the Gospel and our Heavenly Family. He proposed on top of his mountain top ranch at a very special spot on bended knee. We share so many things in common; with the Gospel being the major one, we both love to dance, travel, hike, the great outdoors, and we both are positive upbeat people - in spite of the conditions of our economy right now. A Temple Marriage is in the near future. We thank you LDS Mingles, for bringing us together and wish everyone the same happiness we found.

RockyMtngirl & Slowdancer

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