We both seem to have strengths where the other is weak.

The setting was Deseret Industries Thrift Store in Provo, because it is a romantic place...

I suppose it is all in how you look at things! (He has a fun sense of humor )

We starting communicating in August of 2006 and we became fast friends, but that almost didn't happen. He lived in New Mexico in the 4 corners area and I lived in Sandy, Utah. I had been on LDS Mingle a few years before and knew that I wanted to meet someone close by. I put in age and other criteria and looked over many profiles. Gordon's profile was awesome and said Farmington. I thought Farmington, Utah where there is a monthly dance, not so far, cool. I then read on, so thought nothing of it, but if you look, others can see you looked. He sent me some flirty thing and we started to communicate. He thought I was very cute, I was attracted too!

We never met in person until Thanksgiving week. We sent e-mails, phone and text messages up until then. He had to take a flight out of Salt Lake City and I offered to take him and keep his car at my apt. It was 4:30 AM when we met the first time and we had a few hours before his flight to chat. When he returned the next week, I had parked his car at the airport and left the dome light on, so the battery was dead and it was freezing cold!!!
You would think it was a sign, but he was still talking to me.

We went our a first date out to eat that weekend. I was into him as more than a friend, but we just remained friends, seeing each other through the maze of single life, seeing others until the following Spring/Summer. I had told a close friend, give me 5 seconds, I could be in love with him!!! He just needed to see it. So in August, a year later...Gordon proposed and I said YES! This was Aug. 24th, 2007.

I had come down to spend the day with him in Provo where he was visiting his kids, we have been talking about time frames and etc. a month or so earlier, but nothing official. I said we could talk, but there needed to be an official type knee thing, every girl needs a story!!!

So we had breakfast out and then went to Seagull Book where he bought a book and I a magazine. My CTR ring had been broke and so he asked me my opinion on some different ones. He said he had a gift for someone. So I helped pick one out. Then we went to his children's home where he fixed something on a daughter's car and then we went off to DI, me looking for pans for my own daughter's upcoming wedding and him a dresser for his son. The kids moved up from NM, but didn't bring everything. We didn't find anything either. His daughter called while we were there and we learned we had more time just for us, so we went and sat on one of the couches to enjoy the ambiance and all! Deseret Industry is a place of true ambiance! He talked about me enjoying a life of more trips to DI and did I really see that in my future. We talked about some concerns we both had about some unknowns etc. and then he brought out that CTR ring he bought earlier and asked if I would except it as a small token as it stands for "Choose the Right" and he hoped I felt I was. At first I didn't realize what he was asking, but it didn't take long to figure it out. I did feel this and we both seem to have strengths where the other is weak.(The CTR ring is now on the right hand and has been replaced with a very unique 3 stone cathedral style wedding set.)

We were married Oct 19, 2007 surrounded by family and friends (including LDS Mingle friends) in Utah at his brothers home. A sealing is planned for the near future. His job has taken us to Washington, where we began our life together shortly after marrying. We have 7 Children between us, two married, one a month before us and another that Dec. What a year 2007 was. They're all grown, the youngest preparing to serve a mission.

I am so happy for the friendships and fun times I had through LDS Mingle. I loved the activities and being a part of the message boards and 50+ chat rooms, great friendships were formed there.

I am happy to be LDS Mingle graduate!

Juanita and Gordon

Paris2008 & bonafide_goodguy

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