We both know that we are meant to be together.

After a messy divorce and several years of searching, I finally found "MR. RIGHT", literally! I was dating a guy who, at that time, left me "out to dry." While not knowing what HE was doing, I continued to look for friends. After that fiasco, I decided I would never again chat with or date someone who was not within a reasonable distance from me. One night, just before Thanksgiving in 2007, I was online when I found him. The funny thing was, I had seen him before, but never had any inclination to do anything about it...so, I sent (bearcubsa) Paul a smile, not expecting anything back. To my amazement, he sent me a card and at the same time I was checking my mail, he was checking his...so, we started chatting. For the next several days, we spent every night either on the phone or chatting.

Paul came to Rexburg to meet me on the 30th of November. When I saw him, my first thought was "This is NEVER going to happen." I didn't really like him all that much, but after that first weekend, I couldn't seem to get rid of him! The next weekend he came up was the 15th of December and he has been here/or I've been there every weekend since. During the winter on the weekends, he would drive the hour and a half to see me. It always seemed to blizzard BEFORE he left Pocatello or AFTER he got here, but never while he was on the road.

On March 23, 2008, Paul asked my dad, then informed the rest of my family that he was going to ask me to marry him. This was of course everyone, BUT me! On April 10th, he asked me to marry him and we were married on May 23, 2008.

Looking back at all that has transpired since November, we both KNOW that we are meant to be together. We are going to be sealed next year on our one year anniversary!

stetsongal & bearcubsa

stetsongal & bearcubsa

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