We began a wonderful dating relationship that turned to more

I joined LDS Mingle, somewhat of a skeptic in 2006, but more just to have some harmless fun. I travel a bit for work and thought it might be nice to meet a few women in areas where I travel; at the time mostly around Utah and Idaho. I never thought in a million years that I would become one of your success stories.

Then a pretty blonde from California peeked at my profile. I wrote a brief note and almost immediately a friendship began. Brenda (bshehee), a school teacher and mother of four, and I, talked and wrote as friends for nearly 10 months. We never talked romance, just got to know each other very well...pretty much becoming best friends. I would sometimes tell her about my other dating woes. I didn't know if I would actually meet her; she said right up front that she would never move to Utah. But just in case we might be able to meet, I advised her (since she was newly divorced) that she should just spend time with her children for the time being. She listened to me and that kept her sort of off the market until we met.

Finally, I had to meet Brenda. We almost did not meet because she sort of got cold feet ... this being an internet relationship. She had fears about me being one of America's Ten Most Wanted. Now I can say that I am simply Brenda's Most Wanted. We met in April of 2007 and began a wonderful dating relationship that turned to marriage on November 1, 2007.

So, thank you LDS Mingle for making this wonderful experience possible. Chuck (Fit4Fun)

chuckandbrenda & bshehee

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