We are very excited for our future together!

I, superbirdbeth, never ever thought I would go online to find a man and I finally humbled myself enough to try it out. I saw islandboy74 in the searches that I did and passed him over because his picture didn't show his face really well. He sent me a smile and so I smiled back. We instant messaged and emailed for 5 days. He gave me his phone number and we have talked on the phone or in person everyday since then! We actually met each other in person 7 days later when he was willing to drive 6 hours to meet me. We dated for 2 months and have been engaged for 5 months and will be married July 12, 2008. We are very grateful for LDS Mingle to have helped us find each other. We are very excited for our future together and know that our patience in finding each other has paid off!

superbirdbeth & islandboy74

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