We are getting married!

OK. I have been on this site many times and the most recent adventure took place after I moved to Idaho. As soon as I was settled, I signed up for LDS Mingles. Immediately, I had over 100 women look at my profile, including one from California. Her name is Loretta and we have been chatting online for hours and talking by phone. Well, today I am happy to report that we are getting married in December of 2008. It has been a fast relationship, but like the missionaries told me years ago, "You don't have to hear all the discussions before you know the Church is True". Hence, I am driving to California next week and then we are getting married either in the San Diego or Redlands Temple. Then we are driving back to Idaho to get some things closed and a U-haul loaded. Then we will make our new home in California; Earthquakes and all. They have had a few this week. Thanks again!




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