Passports, Romantic Rendezvous, & lots of Freq. Flyer Miles.

GatsbyGirl,(Lisa) a confirmed bachelorette and Steve_Hannington (well, Steve), a very confirmed bachelor (both of "a certain age") met on LDSMingle in March of 2006. She was in Utah and he, a Canadian, was in Scotland at the time taking a break from Corporate life and working on a law degree.

Both had recently joined LDSMingle, thinking, "why not?" They kept it light, casual, and let the sparks fly naturally. An opportunity presented itself a month and a half after they initially started corresponding and next thing they knew,, GatsbyGirl was on a plane to Scotland to meet her Internet Suitor. (By the way, GatsbyGirl is a savvy business traveler and went with a bunch of "Plan B's" and a whole lot of cash in her back pocket so she could get out of an undesirable situation, should one present itself. Plus, she chatted briefly with his Bishop in Scotland before she hopped the pond to see Steve.)

But Lisa didn't have to exercise any of her Plan B's. She and Steve spent a magical time together touring the Scottish Highlands and sparks soon turned into some flames.

Two months after that first encounter, they rendezvoused again, but this time in Bath, England. (Enter swirling Jane Austen soundtrack.) Flames have now ignited into a full blown bon fire.

The following October, Steve moves back to the continent (though, still only in Canada) and they spend the next year and half rendezvousing in places such as Niagara Falls, Calgary, Moab, Zion, Grand Canyon, British Columbia, Bryce Canyon, Toronto, Palmyra, Salt Lake City, and even Costa Rica, though still not living in the same country.

So for two years, families are met, passports stamped, frequent flyer miles acquired and used, and finally on April 19, 2008--two years after they met in Scotland, they were married for time and all eternity in the Salt Lake Temple.

THANK YOU LDS Mingle! This could have never happened without you!

GatsbyGirl & Steve_Hannington

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